The amazing bond between 14st French mastiff Yogi and his four-year-old best friend Ivy

THESE photos show the amazing bond between giant French mastiff Yogi and his best friend, little Ivy Walker.

They met as babies but, while four-year-old Ivy now weighs just 2st 7lb, Yogi is a 14st hulk.

Ivy and Yogi
Ivy and Yogi have been best friends their whole lives

Ivy’s mum, Chloe Martin, brought Yogi home as a ten-week-old pup four years ago and has documented the friendship between him and Ivy in a series of snaps.

She says Yogi — who is 5ft 11in standing on his hind legs and weighs the same as a newborn elephant — is soppy and no danger to Ivy or her other kids, Lola, eight, Harlow, seven, and Indie, two.

Full-time mum Chloe, 27, of Milford, Surrey, says: “Yogi looks like a beast but is the most loving, soppy dog. He is just a big, friendly dope.”

Chloe and Ivy’s dad, builder Ross Walker, 29, introduced her to Yogi when she was five months old.

Ivy and Yogi
Yogi is 5ft 11in on his hinds legs
Ivy and Yogi
Yogi often slept next to baby Ivy

Chloe recalls: “They were smitten from day one. They were babies together and home all day while the older two were at school. It’s like he thinks they are brother and sister.

“Yogi would only sleep next to Ivy. I’d often lay Ivy down on the settee for a nap and Yogi would jump up there straight away, snuggling in next to her.

“Sometimes Ivy would fall asleep on top of Yogi and they’d snore away, two peas in a pod.

“If we took Yogi for a walk, even if he wasn’t on a lead, he’d stay by her buggy.

Ivy and Yogi
Baby Ivy and Yogi fall asleep on the sofa together
Ivy and Yogi
Chloe says Yogi is soppy and not dangerous at all

“If someone he didn’t know came into the house, he’d dart over to protect Ivy until he knew she was safe. Even now he stays close while she falls asleep.”

Like any devoted friend, Yogi is up for whatever game Ivy fancies — even if that means an occasional pedicure.

Chloe says: “Ivy’s favourite shade is bright pink, which I don’t think Yogi is too keen on, but he still sits patiently while she coats each nail.

Chloe says people have accused her of having a pitbull
Ivy and Yogi
Yogi is devoted friend to little Ivy

“He lets Ivy dress him up. She drapes him in Ross’s hoodies. Yogi isn’t fussed.

“He is the perfect pretend patient for Ivy when she takes her doctor’s kit out. He will pretty much let her do anything she wants. He’s constantly giving her loads of kisses and trailing after her.

“He’s great with all of the girls. If any of them are under the weather, he will stay close. But Ivy is his clear favourite.

“I trust him with the girls completely, though I’m never far away anyway.”

Ivy and Yogi
Ivy plays dress-up with Yogi in a witch hat
Ivy and Yogi
Yogi sits patiently as Ivy paints his nails

Although Chloe says Yogi is harmless, she is aware that not everyone feels the same way.

She says: “People cross the road when they see him. Others drag their children away.

“I’ve had people accuse me of having a pitbull and tell me he should be muzzled.

“But he’s got a lovely temperament. As with all dogs, it’s down to the owner as well.

“If you raise a dog right, you get a good dog.”


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