The Bachelor 2021 LIVE – Matt slides into fantasy suites with Rachael, Bri & Michelle after crying over estranged dad

THE Bachelor’s raunchy ‘Fantasy Suites’ episode airs this evening – and we’re expecting the sexiest show EVER.

With Matt James now extremely close to making his big decision, promo footage shows the hunk questioning whether love really is enough when it comes to a successful relationship.

Tonight’s episode is the 11th of the current 25th season and as there are usually just 12 episodes per season we’re getting really close to Matt making his final choice.

The Fantasy Suites episode is always the sexiest episode of the season and is traditionally the point at which the bachelor and the contestants are given enough alone time to get more intimate than ever before.

Tonight is also the last episode for next week’s finale, so for many contestants its the final attempt to win Matt over.

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