The Bachelor Matt James remains ‘upset’ with show for racism scandal and ‘blindsiding’ him with estranged dad on finale

MATT James remains “upset” with how The Bachelor handled his season, particularly the controversial racism scandal, sources exclusively told The Sun.

This comes as the reality star completely scrubbed everything he posted during his time as the ABC leading man off his Instagram page following an tense After The Final Rose special. 

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Matt James remains ‘upset’ with how the show handled his season, a source told The Sun[/caption]


The Bachelor star felt ‘blindsided’ by how the episode was handled involving his estranged dad[/caption]

After months of both on-and-off-screen drama, an insider alleged that Matt, 28, is “still taking it hard.”

“He had no idea the show would have such a hard impact on him since he obviously didn’t plan on it turning out the way that it did. 

“He’s trying to enjoy himself now and hang out with his buddies,” an insider told The Sun. 

The source explained that mentally, the experience took such a toll it seems Matt “wants to just block the show and experience out completely like a long bad memory.”

“He deleted his Instagram posts from the show because he genuinely doesn’t want to be reminded of it right now,” they added. 


This season of The Bachelor marked the first time a Black man was cast as the lead[/caption]


Matt had an emotional season involving numerous scandals both on-and-off screen[/caption]


Chris Harrison remained on the hot seat all season after his comments about race[/caption]

According to the informant, Matt is “upset” and even feels “played” by some staffers on the show. 

The source explained: “He’s been upset with producers over how he was handled by producers, being new to TV, as a whole.

“And of course the racism drama has been hard for him to process and he doesn’t fully agree with how it was handled. 

“[Execs] were very strict with what he could and could not say and when he could say it.”

The insider claimed the “final straw” for Matt was watching the episode that aired just before the finale that brought in his dad. 


The reality star has openly talked about his dad cheating on his mom and leaving as a child[/caption]


Matt’s estranged father, Manny, made an appearance during the two-part finale[/caption]


The father-son duo got into a heated exchanged that controversially aired on the show[/caption]

“He was not happy with how that episode turned out or that they put him in that situation in the first place,” the source said. 

Matt was raised by his mother, Patty, after his parents divorced when he was young following Manny‘s infidelity.

The star has been open all season about how the issues with his father has had a lingering effect on his inability to form romantic relationships. 

During The Bachelor two-part finale, Matt broke down in tears after a heated confrontation with his estranged father, Manny.

The father-son duo met up after years of not seeing each other face-to-face at the Pennsylvania resort the season was filmed at. 

“When I needed you, you weren’t there!” a hurt-looking Matt told his father.


Matt sobbed on the show as cameras captured the emotions of his meeting[/caption]


The star’s mom, Patty, has remained supportive of her son[/caption]

Manny shot back: “Do you know what I went through with your mom?”

Matt countered, “I don’t want you to make excuses,” to which Manny said: “Nobody’s perfect, son.”

He later told the cameras how his parents’ volatile dynamic has affected his relationships today.

“There’s still a lot of fear based on what I’ve seen with my family in the past,” he said,

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Despite hoping to find a wife, Matt left his season of The Bachelor without a rose[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Rachael Kirkconnell received Matt’s final rose but the pair broke up on ATFR[/caption]

The Georgia native received backlash for attending an Antebellum-themed party in 2018

“I don’t want to make those same mistakes that caused my family to be torn apart.”

Matt then spoke to his beloved mom, Patty, who said: “Feelings come and go. People fall in and out of love and love is not the be all, end all.”

The ABC star started sobbing on camera as he told producers: “I feel like everything I was working towards is starting to crumble. I don’t know how to go on.”

Ultimately, Matt did not end up meeting his match on the show as he picked  Rachael Kirkconnell, 24, to give his final rose to but broke up weeks later. 

Rachael has apologized for her actions several times and promises to ‘grow’ moving forward

Rachael has been facing backlash after resurfaced photos from 2018 that show her attending an Antebellum-themed party.

After being labeled “racist” by fans, she apologized for her “offensive” actions in a lengthy Instagram statement. 

However, the apology was not enough for Matt who confirmed their split on After The Final Rose. 


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