The best hen do for YOUR star sign revealed – and why Gemini will have the wildest bash

HAPPY couples who’d planned a wedding in 2020 are no doubt relieved that postponed or cancelled ceremonies can finally go ahead.

And ahead of their big day, brides-to-be can enjoy a night out with their closest pals – but what hen do is right for you?

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The perfect hen do for you based on your star sign[/caption]

From boozy brunches to luxurious spa breaks, it seems your perfect bash before the wedding could be written in the stars.

Here, the team at Exploresweb has teamed up with their in-house spiritual guide to present the perfect hen do, according to your star sign.



An Aries exudes determination, is self-motivated and a natural leader.

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Time is valuable to an Aries and as a result, they regard the ‘small print’ of situations and events as a nuisance.  

An Aries likes to see results fast, they are notoriously impatient, detest delays and instead favour fast paced activity.  

Your Hen do: 

Fast paced fun is a must for an Aries and an activity-based hen do is perfect. 

Whether it’s a boot camp style workout or practising extreme sports such as white water rafting where they can practice their leadership skills, a jam-packed schedule that sees them learn new skills will accommodate an Aries perfectly.


Fast paced fun is a must for an Aries and an activity-based hen do is perfect[/caption]



Taurus is synonymous with strategy as those holding the sign love to follow a solid plan of action. 

An analytical mind, a Taurus can be perceived as stand offish however, it is likely that they are simply assessing the situation before fully committing. 

A Taurus is often kind, patient and reliable.

Your Hen do: 

An activity such as an escape room will give a Taurus the opportunity to use their analytical skills whilst leading their friends to victory. 

A hen that sees a Taurus use their brain to problem solve will ensure that they have a good time whilst learning new crafts.



A Gemini is always on the go and can be easily distracted – and they often mix in several friendship circles and have tried a little bit of everything. 

A Gemini tends to act fast, be in the know and not likely to stick to a plan. 

Never ask a Gemini to act their age as they do not have an off-button a like to party, party, party!

Your Hen do: 

Cocktail making classes, drinking games and bar crawls, prepare for little sleep and lots of partying with a Gemini.

A Gemini will want to say goodbye to singledom by giving a nod to the social antics of their single glory days.


Prepare for little sleep and lots of partying with a Gemini[/caption]



Highly intuitive, a Cancer is overly sensitive to their environment and can easily pick up atmospheres. 

A Cancer has a hard shell however, they are sensitive beings that are gentle in their nature.

They can read people incredibly well and are likely to know what you are thinking before you do.

Laid back people, a Cancerian favours a chilled environment that has a positive impact on their overall wellbeing.

Your Hen do: 

Tarot readings, sound baths and Yoga will see Cancer thrive in their hen do environment. 

Any activity that positively impacts their overall wellbeing and serves as an opportunity to press pause will have a Cancer ready to take the next stages in life.



A Leo loves the finer things and tends to live a trend led lifestyle.  They love grandiosity and have an enviable Instagram feed. 

Leading comes naturally to a Leo as they often feel that they know best. 

As a result, they often give advice even if the recipient did not ask for it. 

A Leo loves being pampered and being surrounded by their loved ones.

Your Hen do: 

A lavish spa break followed by cocktails at the latest Insta hot spot is ideal for a Leo.

You will find a Leo rocking matching Pyjamas with her bride tribe, coordinating evening outfits whilst making use of their personalised hen hash tag will see a Leo having the time of their life.


Both Cancer and Leo want a more laid back affair[/caption]



A Virgo is highly creative and hard working. Creative tasks do not daunt them, and they are willing to dedicate unlimited time mastering new things. 

For this reason, it is no surprise that patience is one of their best qualities. 

A Virgo is forward thinking and exceptionally good at knowing what is best, making them exceptionally trustworthy.  

Your Hen do: 

A hen do that features creative writing, painting and pottery classes will give a Virgo the opportunity to flourish in a creative outlet. 

Always wanting to try new things, a Virgo will appreciate learning a new hobby that they can practice for a lifetime. 



A Libra is balanced, social and intellectual.  They love learning new things and are self-confessed book worms. 

They absolutely love the arts and enriching themselves in cultural experiences. 

Prepared to partake in lengthy discussions regards plays, galleries, and favourite cities.

Your Hen do: 

A city staycation in the likes of Bath or York is perfect for a Libra. 

Visiting cathedrals, galleries or hospitality venues steeped in history such as Betty’s tearoom is perfect for a Libra.


Extreme sports will ensure that a Scorpio has the time of their life on their hen do[/caption]



A Scorpio is often independent and do not tend to care what others think of them. 

They tend to be adrenaline junkies and thrive in environments where there are elements of danger. 

A Scorpio never gives up, they do not lack confidence and they will keep going until they get what they want.

Your Hen do: 

Extreme sports will ensure that a Scorpio has the time of their life on their hen do. 

Whether its sky diving, rock climbing or trampoline, letting off steam through aggressive sporting activities is perfect for a Scorpio.



A Sagittarius is a free spirit with a wicked sense of humour.  Always spontaneous, a Sagittarius is the kind of person that will go out for a quite drink and wake up in another country. 

A Sagittarius is often intimidated by the idea of commitment and aims to go with the flow.

Your Hen do: 

Good news if you are planning the hen do of a Sagittarius, it does not take much planning! 

A loose plan with a few bars in mind is perfect as they are happiest when they are just going with the flow.


A few bars with friends is perfect for a Sagittarius[/caption]



Capricorns are grounded individuals that are competitive and self-confessed workaholics.  

A Capricorn is materialistic and often equates success with product.  Although a Capricorn may seem stubborn, hard hearted or even harsh, they are incredibly sensitive. 

They will do anything for their friends and favour loyalty above anything.

Your Hen do: 

Copious amounts of shopping in the day and some trendy bars in the evening is perfect for a Capricorn. 

They favour a laid back vibe surrounded by the people they love and prefer a low fuss occasion. 



Assertive with a sprinkling of eccentricity, and Aquarius marches to their own drum.  They tend to be quite techy, honest in their opinions and deep thinkers. 

An Aquarius creates their own dream world, blurring the lines between their imagination and reality. 

Nothing is unreachable to an Aquarius, no matter how farfetched it may seem.

Your Hen do: 

A day at the theme park will ensure that an Aquarius puts their imagination to good use. 

Fun filled frolics at fright nights or light shows is also perfect for and Aquarius as they relish in the opportunity to live in their dream world.


Copious amounts of shopping in the day and some trendy bars in the evening is perfect for a Capricorn[/caption]



Wise beings, a Pisces is often the advice giver in a friendship group. 

A Pisces is likely to think of others before themselves and are incredibly loyal to their friends. 

They are not materialistic and are known to be spiritual.  If a Pisces is spending quality time with their friends, they are happy.

Your Hen do: 

A festival themed garden party is perfect for a Pisces as its low fuss aura accommodates their no-frills nature and presents the opportunity for them to showcase their hippy side. 

Spending the day making flower crowns, listening to good music, and being surrounded by the people they love is perfect for a Pisces. 

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