The best home-made ice lolly recipes for kids and how to make them

WE get it. Sometimes making homemade ice lollies for your kids when the supermarket ones are perfectly fine is just too much hassle.

But with these three faff-free recipes, you’re never going to want to fork out for branded ice lollies again. All you’ll need is an ice lolly mould and some little helpers…

Strawberry ice lollies couldn’t be any easier to make
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Strawberry ice pops

You can’t go wrong with a classic strawberry lolly. Fact.

Made with just three ingredients, all you need is a pummel of fresh strawberries, 1 orange, 60ml of water, and 50g of caster sugar.

Firstly, put the sugar and water in a saucepan and allow to boil for three minutes until the liquid forms a sugary syrup.

Meanwhile, cut the stalks off the strawberries and puree in a blender.

Ice lolly moulds are a must for making these recipes at home
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Once the syrup has cooled, combine the puree, syrup and juiced orange into six ice lolly moulds.

Freeze for as long as they take to set (usually around 4 hours) and serve. Voila!

Freeze tropical juice and kiwis for a tangy and refreshing treat
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Tropical ice lollies

This one couldn’t be any simpler – plus the recipe has the Netmums stamp of approval.

Combine 100ml of tropical fruit juice with a further 100ml of lemonade, mix and then decant into as many ice lolly moulds as they comfortably fill.

Seriously, there’s no excuse for buying a tropical ice lolly ever again.

We’d recommend jazzing it up a bit with some kiwi and watermelon slices for full summer picnic effect.

Cola ice lollies

Offering up a less sugary alternative to a normal fizzy drink, these cola ice lollies courtesy of The Telegraph are on the slightly more complicated side of things.

To make these homemade cola treats, you will need 2 limes, half a lemon, 4 tbsp of light brown sugar, a cinnamon stick and 500ml of water.

Home-made ice lollies only contain a fraction of the sugar found in supermarket alternatives
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Start by grating the lime zest into a pan and mixing with the sugar, cinnamon stick and a mug of water.

Allow to simmer for 5 minutes before cooling so add the lemon and juice.

After this, strain into a measurement jug and add 500ml of water before serving into the moulds. Four hours later and you’re smart to travel, not a will of coke visible .



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