The blood moon is going to send your emotions into overdrive… and it’s especially bad news for Aquarians

PREPARE yourself for an emotional roller coaster because the blood moon is on its way.

Yes according to astrologers, the beautiful natural phenomenon is going to send us all into emotional overdrive… and it’s going to be even more intense for a certain star sign.

The blood moon has historically been considered unlucky
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Just to refresh your memory, the blood moon is an orange-hued eclipse where direct sunlight is blocked by the earth’s shadow.

While they’ve long been considered “unlucky” by superstitious souls, astrologer Jamie Partridge argues the “lunar eclipse focuses your attention on your emotions, intimate relationships, and your home and family.”

But the upcoming blood moon on July 27 isn’t just like any other… instead, it’s going to be “the longest lunar eclipse this century.”

And unsurprisingly, astrologers are predicting that it’s going to “have an incredibly powerful influence” on our private lives. Yikes.

Astrologers believe the blood moon will stir up some big life changes
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Whether you’ve been itching for a big life change or suddenly feel totally out of your depth, astrologer Amanda Shree believes that “eclipses are often tipping-points that shift situations, expedite change, and sometimes even pull the rug out from underfoot.”

And it’s apparently going to affect each and every one of us. Like an emotional reset button fuelled by cosmic energy.

But according to Bustle,  Aquarians are going to be hit hardest by the eclipse because “the moon and Mars in retrograde are taking over your sign.”

Chilled-out Aquarians are going to be craving drama after the blood moon
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And while those born between January and February are usually “detached and carefree souls”, the blood moon may leave Aquarians “eager to pick a fight and feeling more dramatic than usual.”

Turns out, the blood moon combined with the “outer planet influences” and “harshly aspecting Mars” makes for a double whammy of “tension.”

Looks like this natural phenomenon isn’t so beautiful after all…

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