The Chase branded a FIX as team lose out on £70,000 win after Mark Labbett’s The Beast gets ‘easy questions’ – but can YOU answer them correctly?

THE Chase fans were kicking off on Friday when a team of contestants lost a whopping £70,000 after Mark Labbett got “easy questions”.

Viewers of the hit ITV quiz show tuned in to watch three contestants from across the UK almost defeat the chaser – but could you answer the 16 questions The Beast got correct?

The Chase

Keith, Shirley and Matt could have walked away with £23,333 each on The Chase on Friday[/caption]

Brainbox Keith gambled to take £66,000 in his round against the chaser.

In a tense final round, the team managed to correctly answer 16 questions – with Shirley stopping The Beast after his first stumble.

But as the clock ticked down, he quickly caught up and viewers at home claimed his questions were evidence of a “fix”.

Could you also answer these questions correctly?

1. Which tennis star launched a clothing line called Serena?

2. Who was the mother of Elizabeth I of England?

3. In 1912 Albania declared independence from what empire?

4. On the PH scale what number represents neutral?

5. What is the main drink made at the Bruichladdich (brook lad-e) Distillery?

6. US politician Dick Cheney is a member of what party?

7. What motorway links Liverpool and Manchester?

8. George Eliot is buried in which north London cemetery?

9. Which french general’s army discovered the Rosetta Stone?

10. The toffees are the name of which football club?

11. Red Connors was the sidekick of which TV cowboy?

12. Cecil Day Lewis followed John Masefield in what?

13. What metal does something aurific create?

14. Which comet predictor was made astronomer royal?

15. What Italian motor cycle company makes the Multistrada 950?

16. Who released the 2002 album Just Whitney?

17. Mishti Sharmer is a police woman in what Australian soap?

18. The Bangkok temple Ratchawararam is dedicated to what religion?

19. Scottish blackface is a breed of what animal?


Scroll down to find out the answers…

The Chase
Bradley told the team that their score of 16 had been ‘a winning score many times’
The Chase
Mark Labbett told them ‘you made me sweat’ but fans were convinced he was given easy questions

The team had a three step head start on the chaser and manged to get 16 questions out of 23 right.

And after Mark easily caught up with them, one viewer said: “Such a fix, 70k and some of those questions a 5 year old could of answered”

Another viewer said: “#TheChase I see @ITVChase don’t want to lose £70k by giving the chaser such easy questions comparative to the contestants’”

The Beast's answers – did you get them right?

1. Serena Williams

2. Anne Boleyn

3. Ottoman

4. Seven

5. Whisky

6. Republican

7. M62

8. Highgate


9. Napoleon

10. Everton

11. Hopalong Cassidy

12. Poet laureate

13. Gold

14. Edmond Halley

15. Ducati

16. Whitney Houston

17. Neighbours

18. Budism

19. Sheep

Following their loss, Bradley told the trio: “The damage was done when we lost Rachel. Full house, all day long. That’s what we needed. Well done Keith for making it a game and bringing back £66,000.”

And Mark admitted that he wasn’t put under heavy “pressure”.

He said: “Well you guys made it way more interesting than I wanted there. Well played on you. You start to sweat when you see four zeros in front of you. I’m glad I wasn’t put under any more pressure than that.”

The Chase airs on ITV week nights at 5pm.

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