The Chase fans left baffled after celeb makes startling confession to Bradley Walsh

BROADCASTER Giles Coren stunned viewers after he revealed his very unpopular opinion about music in a celebrity special of The Chase.

Giles made the biggest contribution of the night with a massive £40,000 – but what did he admit to host Bradley Walsh?


Giles guesses right on a music question despite his surprising confession[/caption]


Giles shocks Bradley after being questioned about music[/caption]

Giles made a very surprising confession during a head-to-head with Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

The broadcaster went for the highest offer on the table after encouragement from his team mates journalist Rachel Johnson, TV presenter Chris Packman and comedian Josie Long.

When a music question came up about Rihanna’s song “Work”, Giles had no clue.

Bradley asked: “Do you know this?”

Giles replied: “Absolutely no idea but singers things stuff like work work and work your body and all that.

“I don’t really listen to pop music but that sounds like the kind of thing pop singers would say.”

Bradley then asked what his favourite type of music was to which Giles admitted: “I don’t really like music.”

A shocked Bradley exclaimed: “Not at all?”


Giles said: “No, it’s just noisy!”

Despite his lack of interest, Giles guessed right with “work” being a song by both Rihanna and Fifth Harmony.

Paul confirmed: “I think there’s a hit by Rihanna called work and Fifth Harmony are sort of the US version of Little Mix they came together on a talent show.”

Fans were left baffled after Giles confession, even as he made it through to the final chase adding the largest amount of £40,00 to the bank.

Rachel added a decent £4,000, but unfortunately Chris was caught by the chaser.

Josie made it through adding £1,000.

Despite an impressive 20 steps, Paul managed to catch them with just two seconds remaining.

But being a celebrity special, each contestant that made it through got £1,000 for their charity.


Paul Sinha wins in the final chase with two seconds remaining[/caption]


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