The cheap flooring alternatives if you can’t afford new carpet – and how to make a ‘tiled’ floor with tester paint pots

FORGET splashing thousands on new flooring for your home when you need it, because you can still get a magazine-worthy finish for a fraction of the cost.

And it doesn’t have to involve hours of hard labour either as savvy homeowners are showing of their incredibly cheap flooring alternatives that are easy for anyone to do.

Robyn Westrope-lane ripped up her caret and wallpapered her floor
One woman laid wallpaper on her floor as she couldn’t afford new carpet

From makeshift carpet to a glossy, painted finish, these are some of the ways you can improve your grotty flooring for cheap and give your home a stylish makeover.


Usually reserved for your plain boring walls (hence the name) one woman proved wallpaper works just as well on your floor when covered in a coat of varnish.

Robyn Westrope-lane was looking for a temporary solution to fix her unsightly carpets and thought to use the brightly coloured timber-effect wallpaper as it was within her budget.

The wallpaper was sealed with varnish and looks great
It cost her just £23 to completely transform the area

Sharing snaps of the hallway transformation to the DIY On A Budget UK Facebook group, she revealed that she’d spent a total of just £23 replacing her carpet – and she was pretty chuffed with the results.

She wrote: “I did it! I wallpapered my floor and I’m stoked with the outcome. And only for £23!! It took me no time at all and seems quite sturdy.”

Lick of paint

Holly Windsor, 25, wanted to update her flooring so it matched her Hinch-inspired colour scheme, but was put off by the £1,000 quote she’d received for tiles.

She did it herself with help from her partner and it cost just £45
Holly took a coat of paint to her outdated floors which cost her just £45
Holly wanted to replace her scuffed kitchen floor but was quote £1k to do it
She was quoted £100 to get the space tiled

Instead, the savvy mum simply painted the entire thing herself and it cost just £45 – and it couldn’t be easier to do.

Holly bought a two-litre tub of V33 Renovation Floor & Stairs paint in Loft Grey Satin for £36, which was enough to cover the entire kitchen floor with two coats of paint.

After allowing it to dry over night, she said: “We’re extremely happy with the end result, it looks like a brand new floor for a fraction of the cost.”

All rugged up

A B&M shopper used £20 rugs as an alternative for expensive carpet
One woman who couldn’t afford new carpet used B&M floor rugs instead

If you want carpet but can’t afford it, there is another option as one mum has proved.

The clever-thinking mum popped on down to B&M and picked up six stylish grey rugs at £20 each and used them to cover her living room floor.

But she laid them in such a way which gives the illusion her room is split in two which created separate spaces for her kids to play.

The whole thing cost her just £120, nothing compared to the £800 she was looking at.

Tile say

If you’re sick of your current bathroom or kitchen tiles, or don’t have any and wish you had, there’s a super affordable way to get the look thanks to adhesive floor tiles.

A woman has shared how she completely transformed her hallway floor using modern, stick-on tiles
One woman completely transformed her hallway floor using modern, stick-on tiles from Dunelm
She totally revamped her kitchen cabinets with a £10 paint from Wilko
You can also pick up cheap wood-effect panels from stores such as B&M, B&Q and Dunelm

The handy stick-on tiles come in heaps of trendy colours and designs and people have been using them to quickly, and cheaply, transform bathrooms, kitchen and even staircases.

Dunelm sell them for just £14 a pack, while B&M sell them for £11 so it’s no wonder DIY fans are snapping them up left, right and centre.

Alternatively, you can buy this roll of trendy Bewley print from B&M, or another modern design, making it look as if you have retiled your entire space.

After updating the floor and adding a few accessories it looks like a new bathroom
One woman completely transformed her boring white-wash bathroom using B&M’s £40 vinyl flooring
The trendy print has been popping up all over social media
This is the Bewley print but it’s also available in other colours and styles
  • Bewley Vinyl, B&M, £39.99 – buy now

The flooring comes in a roll of three metres by two and is inspired by Victorian tiles, and will set you back £39.99 a roll.

Wood you believe

If you love the look of expensive wooden floorboards but can’t fathom parting with the money, rest assured because you can mimic the look with cheap vinyl flooring.

Using the same B&M roll of lino, one woman completely transformed her bathroom floors giving them a stylish wooden finish.

Mums are sharing the amazing makeovers they are giving their floors amazing makeovers using B&M vinyl
One woman completely transformed her bathroom using self adhesive floor planks
This woman spent just £40 laying her new bathroom floor and it looks like it's been professionally fitted
While another used a roll of £40 vinyl flooring which couldn’t be easier to do
 She revealed how she was able to replace it for a fifth of the price
Kim Stoner spent just £50 and brand new flooring for her kitchen using vinyl planks from B&Q
  • Self adhesive wood effect Vinyl plank, £2 – buy now 

While another did the same and said: “I’ve never laid lino before and although it wasn’t the easiest DIY I’ve done, it wasn’t too hard either.”

Elsewhere, another woman was able to transform her kitchen floor for just £50 using a selection of self adhesive vinyl planks from B&Q – and they look just like the real deal.

The planks cost her just £4.85 and she needed ten – but they’re currently on sale for just £2.

Stencil it in

Rachel Spear used a simple stencil from Etsy to create an amazing effect on her kitchen floor
A clever DIY fan used a paint test pot and a stencil to spruce up her outdadted tiles
Her tiles were in serious need of an update
She desperately wanted to change her kitchen floor and it cost her next to nothing to do

If you want an even cheaper option (and yes, that is possible), grab yourself a paint tester pot and a stencil which can be bought for just a couple of pounds.

Savvy home owners have been taking to their floor with a crafty stencil design of choice, using it to spruce up otherwise boring floors – both inside and out.

But you don’t even have to have tiles to begin with, just a painted surface will do, then go in with a different coloured paint for the stencil design.

Tanya filmed herself painting over the stencil
The stencil can even be used on your outdoor areas, as this woman spruced up her boring concrete tiles

We also shared the best home transformations you can do for under £30, from hotel-inspired bathrooms to stunning kitchen makeovers.

Meanwhile, people are using DIY panelling to give their homes a modern makeover on the cheap and the results speak for themselves.

Plus people are turning cupboards-under-the-stairs into playrooms, gaming dens & even DOG beds, here’s how to do for cheap.


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