The detail in Prince George’s birthday portrait that shows he is just like any other little boy

THERE’S no doubt that Prince George looks really cute in his birthday portrait – and, dare we say it, just a little bit cool leaning against a brick wall.

But there’s also something very relatable about it, proving that – despite his Royal status – he really is just a normal five-year-old boy.

Prince George had his bottom button undone in the picture

Because the youngster, currently holidaying with his family in Mustique, has the bottom button of his shirt undone.

We bet parents everywhere know how hard it is to get their kids properly dressed – and are breathing a sign of relief that Kate and William experience the same problems they do… even for fancy portraits.

So far nearly 10,000 people have re-tweeted Kensington Palace‘s picture of Prince George, and a further 86,000 have liked it.

Many people have spoken how much he is starting to look like Prince William – although others think he looks like Kate’s dad, Michael Middleton.

Prince Charles, pictured alongside his family

Discussing this,  said: “He looks more like William as he grows. He’s going to be a true Prince Charming.”

Responding, agreed, writing: “I noticed that as well, but I also see a striking resemblance to his grandfather, Mike Middleton. He’s a beautiful little boy with a joyous smile!”

 said: “I’ve always thought Prince George looks like his grandfather Michael Middleton.”

In even more Prince George news, this is the reason the future King won’t make a best friend at school.

And this is why Prince George and Princess Charlotte “aren’t allowed to eat with their parents at Royal dinners.”

Plus, does Kate Middleton have a secret Mumsnet account where she discusses Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte?

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