Nokia’s first iPhone from a Finnish engineer

In 2002-2003 a Finnish engineer Johannes Väänäsen (HERE) designed the first myDevice touchscreen phone, but Nokia management rejected the idea because the glass would get very dirty and users wouldn’t like it. Steve Jobs also saw the prototype, but no contract was signed with the engineer, 4 years later the iPhone appeared, after which Nokia went bankrupt.

Johannes Vaanasen notes that Nokia’s management looked at the invention at the time and rejected it, saying that no one would want to use a device with so many fingerprints on the screen.
The phone had a touch screen and lots of applications.
The myDevice loses out to the iPhone in design, but this is 2002.


Johannes Vaanasen now works in Tallinn.
iPhone and  myDevice.
Johannes Väänäsen


Recall that the iPhone only appeared in 2007.

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