The Flight Attendant’s Michiel Huisman reveals awkward moment filming sex scene with Kaley Cuoco

MICHAEL Huisman has admitted Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco struggled filming sex scenes on The Flight Attendant.

Michael plays a hot stranger that Kaley’s character – alcoholic flight attendant Cassie Bowden meets on a flight and who she finds dead in her bed wit his throat slit the following morning after they hooked up.


Michiel plays a hot stranger that Kaley’s character – alcoholic flight attendant Cassie Bowden meets on a flight[/caption]

But Michiel, 39, said the scenes were awkward to film because Kaley, 35, had never shot a steamy scene before and found it ‘uncomfortable’.

He told ITV show This Morning; “Of course I didn’t realise, but for some reason she had never done a love scene before, I guess that never
happened on The Big Bang Theory.

“So when we were doing a fairly decent… we’re making out on the bed, under the covers, we’re doing our first scene like that and I noticed
she was sort of hovering on top of me, she’s not really sitting on my legs.”

Michiel explained that holding herself over his body so she could avoid touching him started to take its toll on Kaley as take after take happened.


Hosts Philip Schofield and Rochelle Humes giggled as Michiel revealed how things got awkward[/caption]


Michiel revealed Kaley had never shot a raunchy scene until the new show The Flight Attendant[/caption]


Michiel helped Kaley to make it look real and for her to feel comfortable[/caption]

“After like take three she starts to shake a little bit and I’m like “Kaley, what are you doing?

“Just sit down!”

“And it turned out that she was so uncomfortable and she had no idea how to do this thing. She was trying not to touch me.”

The comedy-drama series, which has already been renewed for a second series, was produced by Kaley’s company Yes, Norman Productions and she also serves as an exec producer on the show.


This image released by HBO Max shows Griffin Matthews, left, and Kaley Cuoco in a scene from the series “The Flight Attendant.” The show was nominated for a Golden Globe[/caption]

Kaley has previously said she relied on Michiel to make the scenes work, telling USA Today: “I told Michiel, ‘I’ve never done this before. Have you done it before?’

“He goes, ‘Yeah, like 30, 40 times,’ and I was like, ‘WHAT?’”

“Michiel finally goes, ‘It looks like you’re hovering over a public toilet. What are you doing?’

“I’m like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ so he had to awkwardly teach me how to have fake sex.”



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