The Grand Tour’s James May has secret plan to electrocute ‘jealous’ co-stars who ‘ganged up on him’ by sabotaging car

THE Grand Tour’s James May has a secret plan to electrocute his ‘jealous’ co-stars after they ‘ganged up on him’ by sabotaging his car.

The 57-year-old and his co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond head to Madagascar for The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt, where they set off on a quest to find La Buse’s famous hidden treasure.

James May has admitted he has a secret plan to electrocute his Grand Tour co-stars

The trio’s latest Amazon Prime Video special sees them adapt their chosen vehicles for the unknown terrain ahead, but as usual, James is targeted by his co-stars over his choice of vehicle and the fact the ignition switch is on the outside.

Discussing why he always gets such a hard time, James told The Sun Online: “I think it’s simply that they’re jealous. I did try and wire up the ignition switch so that it had a massive voltage in it the next time they touched it.

“But they’re quite cleverly designed those ignition switches for obvious reasons, because they’re a safety device so it’s very difficult to get into them and tamper with them. So I failed at that.”

Despite his plans to try and electrocute his co-stars failing, he takes their tactics in his stride.

The trio are in search of treasure in their latest special: A Massive Hunt
James is targeted by Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond because of his choice of car
The ignition key is on the outside of James’ car

He said: “It’s just ganging up really but I don’t mind, I see it as a sign of my strength.

“If I could have managed a high voltage jolt would have been an absolute joy as they would have never touched it again.

“I don’t think I’ve ever managed to booby trap any of the cars. I’m going to start working on it.”

When James wasn’t being tormented by Jeremy and Richard, he was busy tackling what Jeremy described as the “worst road ever” as they searched for the treasure.

James wished he could have booby trapped the car

Discussing the terrain, James said: “Yes it is the worst road we’ve been on, it was the most difficult, that’s a clear winner.

“It’s not the most dangerous, the death road in south America is more dangerous as you can fall off the edge.

“So it wasn’t dangerous but in terms of actually trying to drive along it, we obviously thought at the beginning that we’re simply not going to be able to do this and we’re going to have to think of something else.”

The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, December 18.

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