The House of Extraordinary People star says she’s a confident ‘bearded lady’ and new show proves they’re ‘not freaks’

THE House of Extraordinary People star hopes the Channel 5 programme will change people’s opinion after it was branded a “freak show”.

Harnaam Kauer, 27, battles with polycystic ovaries, which has caused her to grow facial hair, but she has not let her condition negatively impact her, and she hopes her appearance on the show will boost fellow co-stars confidence, and encourage viewers to change their perception on her and others who look “different”.

Harnaam fears The House of Extraordinary People will be labelled a “freak show” by some viewers
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Speaking on This Morning today, the motivational speaker and activist said: “I’ve gotten to the stage where I am confident.  I need to go to this house to make other people confident. I want to add value. Help people become more confident. Just because we look different doesn’t mean we should be treated differently.

“Some people will be interested, because who sees a bearded lady.

“But there are going to be some people who are going to mock it. But it takes a strong person to come out and say this is who I am.

“I’ve seen people call it a freak show, and I’m thinking ‘Don’t call me that’.  We are not freaks we are people, we have high self esteems and we are going to live life amazingly.”

Harnaam appeared on This Morning alongside co-star Rachael today
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The upcoming show will see a group of nine people with various conditions live in a house together for 10 days to help them overcome the prejudice they face for their appearance.

But Harnaam has insisted they are not “hiding” from reality by living in the Yorkshire residence for over a week, and believes her and her co-stars are stronger for speaking out on the show.

She added: “We are very different, and we are united in one way, and we do go through similar experiences. We are not hiding we are helping each other, and educating society we are different.

“We are on TV, and it’s the hardest thing anyone can do, and show the world exactly who I am. It takes a strong person for that. I love everyone in the house, I value everyone I met so highly.”

Harnaam wanted to boost her co-stars confidence on the Channel 5 show
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Harnaam has insisted her and her co-stars are not “hiding” by being on the programme, which saw her live in a house with her co-stars battling other conditions for 10 days
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But Harnaam has admitted life has not always been smooth sailing, and she has not always been as confident in her skin.

Asked what the turning point was for her, she said: “There’s only one rule I live by : my body my rules. I gave myself the liberation. This life is yours to live, and I am not here to live here for anyone else.

“But life was cruel, and I have been through a lot of abuse and trauma… I am not the victim I am the victor. I want to help people do that to.”

Harnaam was also joined by Rachael Reynolds on the chat show, who battles with neurofibromatosis type one, which is a rare genetic condition that sees tumours grow inside and outside of the body.

The House of Extraordinary People
The House of Extraordinary People will air on Channel 5 tonight
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Rachael has admitted though she still has her “down days” the show has helped her to switch off from the negativity,

She said: “My condition has totally dented my confidence, because I am self conscious all the time people are watching me. People think I am contagious and they cant touch my hand. I want to get the message out there that just because we look.

“But the show was a lovely experience, and not one person was judging me. We all had the same empathy for one another. I tried to turn off from the negative. Life is easier in some respect me cause I am talking about it more. But I do have my down days and I don’t want to go out.”

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