The lockdown rules set to be announced on Monday as roadmap delayed

HOPES of a care-free summer were bitterly dashed last night when the Sun revealed “freedom day” is set to be delayed until July 19.

Despite the Government planning for all restrictions to lift on June 21, a surge in the Indian variant has meant many rules are now set to continue for longer. Here’s what we’re expecting to be announced on Monday.

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Face masks

Face masks will likely still be needed in public spaces from June 21 in a bid to stop the Indian variant from spreading and bring case numbers down.

It’s likely you’ll still need a face covering in places like pubs, shops and public transport – despite hopes we’d no longer need them next month.

It comes after Public Health England analysis showed infections have risen to 42,323 from 12,431 last week, a jump of 240 per cent.


Face masks are likely to continue beyond June 21[/caption]

Social distancing

Under the changes expected to be announced on Monday, social distancing rules and the rule-of-six are expected to remain in place.

Pubs and restaurants are unlikely to be able to open to full capacity, with the number of customers allowed in limited by social distancing rules, and table service remaining.

It will mean still only six people can eat together inside, with gatherings of up to 30 people allowed outside.

The limit on numbers allowed into arenas, cinemas, sporting events and theatres is also expected to stay – even though these were all set to lift.


Nightclubs, which are all currently shut, are expected to stay completely closed until the rules change again – despite having planned to reopen on June 21.

It means anyone with a club night booked before July 19 is likely to have it cancelled.

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Nightclubs are expected to stay shut[/caption]

Sporting events

The June 21 delay comes as a massive blow to sporting events – namely Wembley hosting of the Euros.

Group games will have a 25 per cent stadium cap – 22,500 fans – with that hopefully rising to around 45,000 for the Semis and the July 11 Final.

It had been hoped Wembley could be full of fully jabbed or tested fans by then, but the delay to the last phase of the roadmap has scotched that.

Running the big matches as pilots for Covid certification trials means the capacity numbers can be stretched, but there will still be thousands of empty seats.

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The June 21 delay will come as a massive blow to sporting events[/caption]


Senior government sources told the Telegraph that while the 30-person limit for ceremonies could be increased, a cap on numbers of some form is likely to remain after officials from Matt Hancock’s health department warned they could become “super-spreader” events.

The changes will affect around 50,000 couples who booked their nuptials for the four weeks after June 21.

It means restrictions are likely to continue as they are – with those attending still having to wear face masks unless they are eating or drinking.

Apart from the couple’s first dance, dancing would be advised against “due to the increased risk of transmission”.

Guests would also still be told to be “cautious” about contact with different households.

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Restrictions at weddings are set to continue for now[/caption]


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