The Masked Dancer reveals Oscar De La Hoya as The Zebra leaving fans ‘stunned’ by boxing champ’s ‘unbelievable’ moves

THE Masked Dancer revealed Oscar De La Hoya as The Zebra during Wednesday’s episode of the dance competition show.

Fans took to Twitter to share they were “stunned” by the boxing champ’s “unbelievable” moves.


Oscar De La Hoya was the latest contestant unmasked on The Masked Dancer[/caption]

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Fans were stunned by the boxer’s dance moves[/caption]


Viewers said he was ‘unbelievable’[/caption]

After The Zebra was eliminated on The Masked Dancer, the contestant was unmasked as he was revealed to be the 48-year-old boxer.

Once his identity was shared, Oscar said: “This is the best experience I’ve ever had. But it was a lot harder than boxing.”

He added that his time on the show was a tribute to his late mother, explaining: “In the clue package, I honored my mother. She passed away right before the Olympic Games and I honored her.”

Oscar previously represented the United States of America during the 1992 Summer Olympics, while he professionally competed as a boxer from 1992-2008.

He won 11 world titled in six weight classes throughout his impressive career.


He said he had the ‘best experience ever’ on the show[/caption]


Oscar explained that his time on the show paid tribute to his late mother[/caption]


She died right before he competed in the Olympics[/caption]

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He professionally competed as a boxer from 1992-2008[/caption]

A number of The Masked Dancer fans took to Twitter to discuss the big reveal, as many admitted they were surprised by how well Oscar can dance.

Alongside a number of applause emojis, one viewer wrote: “OMG #ZebraMask is Oscar De La Hoya!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!”

Another added: “I’m surprised they were able to afford Oscar de la Hoya. Nice to see him on #TheMaskedDancer.”

A third fan chimed in: “What an honor to see Oscar De La Hoya on the @MaskedDancerFOX.”

An additional fan wrote: “Oscar de la Hoya!! He was a fabulous.”


Fans said they were ‘surprised’ by the big reveal[/caption]


One fan said it was an ‘honor’ to have him on the show[/caption]


Another viewer called the boxer ‘fabulous’[/caption]

Before Oscar’s identity was revealed, the show’s judges took turns guessing who the performer under the mask was.

Brian Austin Green correctly guessed he was the professional boxer, while guest judge Will Arnett agreed.

Paula Abdul said she thought it was Mike Tyson, while Ken Jeong guessed he was The Mix.

Ashley Tisdale also guessed he was a professional athlete when she shared she thought he was Connor McGregor.


The judges took turns guesses his identity before the big reveal[/caption]

Oscar is the seventh contestant to be eliminated from The Masked Dancer.

Ice-T was unmasked during the premiere episode of the series, followed by the big reveal of Bill Nye the Science Guy being unmasked after competing as the Ice Cube.

During the third episode, kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart was revealed to be competing as Miss Moth.

Meanwhile, singer Brian McKnight was then unmasked after he was eliminated while competing as The Cricket.

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino was then revealed as The Hammerhead, while Jordin Sparks was unmasked as the Exotic Bird last week.

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Oscar was the seventh contestant eliminated from the season[/caption] Link

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