The Masked Dancer unveils Jordin Sparks as Exotic Bird during emotional American Idol reunion with judge Paula Abdul

THE Masked Dancer unveiled Jordin Sparks as the Exotic Bird during Wednesday’s episode.

The emotional reveal created an American Idol reunion with judge Paula Abdul.


Jordin was unmasked during Wednesday’s episode of The Masked Dancer[/caption]

Jordin, 31, memorably won American Idol during its sixth season and became the show’s youngest winner at just 17.

Paula, 58, freaked out when Jordin’s identity was revealed during the latest episode of The Masked Dancer.

After she was unmasked, Jordin said: “They told me that you were going to be on here and I was like, ‘Paula knows me. She knows how I am on stage so she’s going to know me.’”

Paula then congratulated her, while fellow panelist Ken Jeong said America is “getting goosebumps” from the reunion with Jordin and Paula.

Jordin said she was so happy to “showcase her talent in a different way,” while she was also able to prove to her son that “it’s cool to do things that scare you sometimes.”

The Battlefield singer then told Paula: “I want to hug you but I know I can’t!”

Paula responded: “I’m so happy for you for all of the success in your career. I love you!”


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