The Masked singer reveals Tree is Teddy Sheringham after being eliminated from the show

THE Masked Singer reveals Tree is Teddy Sheringham after losing in the sing off in tonight’s episode.

Octopus was pit against Tree in this week’s sing off after receiving the lowest amount of votes from the audience.

Teddy Sheringham ended up being behind the mask

After two hearty performances, it was down to the judges to chose who to send home – and they decided it would be Tree.

Teddy said: “I’ve had sleepless nights trying to remember these words. Me and my wife.”

There were some serious hints dropped throughout the show, with one of the clue’s saying Tree was in some way related to a footballer.

Meanwhile, Octopus said she had accent lessons – and there was a photo of Jason Donovan connected to them somehow.

Tree was kicked out by the judges
Tree and Octopus were in the sing off

All eight of the Masked Singers are competing to stay in the competition in next week’s episode.

Unicorn, Duck, Queen Bee, Hedgehog, Monster, Fox, Octopus and Daisy are still in the competition – and all their identities are a mystery.

The unmasked competitors were actress Patsy Palmer as Butterfly,former Home Secretary Alan Johnson as Pharaoh, and The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins as Chameleon.


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