The Masked Singer’s Glenn Hoddle reveals almost dying from a heart attack inspired him to follow singing dream

THE Masked Singer’s Glenn Hoddle has revealed he was inspired to follow singing dream after almost dying from a heart attack.

The former England footballer manager was unveiled as the Grandfather Clock on the ITV show this weekend.

Glenn Hoddle was revealed as the Grandfather clock

It comes two years after he was left in a serious condition when he collapsed at BT Sport studios from a cardiac arrest.

The near death experience had a profound impact on 63-year-old Glenn – and made him want to live life to the full.

After what happened to me two years ago, I’m lucky to be here to be quite honest,” admitted Glenn.

“I thought to myself why not? Let’s just go for it, enjoy it and enjoy life. That was a part of the decision to go onto the show.

“People have been surprised about me being on The Masked Singer.

“I’ve always liked singing, but whether I’m any good at it or not is another thing.

“I’ve loved it since I was 16. My son is a musician and writer, it must be in the family somewhere along the line.

“I so enjoy it, so I thought why not do it? What an opportunity.”

Glenn is now preparing to get some stick off of his pals in the football industry who may have been shocked about his choice to appear on The Masked Singer.

“I haven’t got any stick yet.. but that’s probably going to happen,” he said.

“There were a couple of really funny text messages. Once I get back to doing some punditry in the studio there’s going to be a little bit of leg pulling, which you would expect.

“I think I did an OK job. I didn’t make a fool of myself. I was worried I was going to trip over in those boxes as feet.”

Viewers were impressed with Glenn’s secret singing talent after his identity was revealed.

A critical postcode clue and a postcard of Bulgaria is what alerted fans to the Clock’s true identity.

Former footballer Glenn Hoddle was revealed as Grandfather Clock on ITV’s The Masked Singer
He performed Barry Manilow’s I Can’t Smile Without You on Saturday’s show

The clue showed the postcode for Swindon where Glenn used to play.

The Bulgaria reference was a clue because he first played for England against the Eastern European country.

There were also plenty of clues that the Grandfather Clock was a former footballer.

He said during his clue segment: “I’m somewhat of a believer… I don’t know about miracles or anything like that but I’ve definitely seen the hand of God with my own two eyes.”

Many people guessed he was some kind of footballer
The studio audience put him into the bottom two with the judges deciding to send him packing

It refers to the controversial World Cup goal by Argentina’s Diego Maradona against England in the 1986 quarter-final in Mexico.

Fans wrote during the show on Twitter: “I’m going for Glenn Hoddle. I think the goal keeper thing is a red herring. Played for England, played for Swindon and managed Swindon. #MaskedSingerUK.”


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