The most expensive personalised licence plates ever sold

THE most expensive licence plates ever sold have been revealed.

And one private collector spent more than £500,000 for a highly sought-after registration.

The 25 0 licence plate is currently attached to a £10million Ferrari, previously owned by Eric Clapton

A recent breakdown by the DVLA revealed the 25 O licence plate was sold for a whopping £400,000 at auction in 2014, with classic car dealer John Collins forking out £518,000 after fees and VAT.

The classic plate received immense interest when it went under the hammer as it can be attached to some of the most valuable cars.

And it’s now attached to a £10million Ferrari 250GT SWB, which was previously by legendary guitarist Eric Clapton.

Another licence plate – 1D – fetched £285,000 at a DVLA auction in 2009 after Lebanese business tycoon Nabil Bishara bought it for his wife’s birthday.

Some of the most expensive licence plates in the UK
Classic car dealer John Collins forked out £518,000 on the plate

One private buyer forked out £201,000 in 2006 to buy the plate 51 NGH, which looks like the last name Singh.

Even simple registrations, such as 1O and 1A, can attract massive valuations when they go up for sale by the DVLA.

And some can even fetch up to £600,000 when sold privately at auction.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich spent £285,000 buying the coveted VIP 1 plate at a private auction that was once used on the Popemobile on a visit to Ireland.

Julie Lennard, chief executive of the DVLA, said: “DVLA’s sale of personalised registrations began in the days when the only way to place a bid at the live auction was to attend in person.

“We now live-stream every auction, giving bidders the opportunity to bid for their dream registration online from our live auctions, as well as the many millions we have for sale on our website.”

A rare number which was first registered in 1907 was sold for a whopping £243,000 at auction.


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