The most popular Halloween costumes of 2020+ Hot girls (30 Photos)

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  1. What a sad,sad world we live in. Sorry but i have no sympathy for her,She was a willing participant and is only speaking out now because HE doesn’t want to know. Hmm, in their few hour relationship did he promise her marriage?? She knew exactly what she was doing. These “females” (can hardly call them ladies) intentionally go to these clubs hoping to “cop off” with someone remotely famous and not wanting to be unkind but i’m sure the main attraction is the money they’ll get from the inevitable “kiss & tell”. Always amazes me that these girls are so hurt and distraught but willing to sell their soul to the highest bidder.I’m a mother of 5, 4 of them being girls and from young age have instilled in them that their body is precious, not to be given to just anybody. I also tell them that men/boys will say whatever they think you want to hear to get what they want. Apologies to all the decent men but we am trying to raise 4 respectable young ladies.I’m a firm believer in “it takes 2 hands to clap” and they are BOTH at fault, but this girl knew what she was doing too. Condom split !!,not heard of morning after pill????. then again where’s the money in that and how would she have got her 5 minutes of fame. Yet again another child bought into a world of what?? Is she really going to tell this child HOW it was conceived. Lets hope she teaches her child the morals she certainly doesn’t have. ALL involved should be thoroughly ashamed, sadly not sure this will be the case.

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