The most shameless crowdfunding pages ever from ‘scounger’ who begged for £5k for Disney World trip to millionaire who wanted to send his dog to £7.5k supervet

CROWDFUNDING pages are heaving with tragic stories of families in need of help – whether it’s through genuine hardship, devastating illness or bereavement.

But some Brits– like NHS fraudster Carla Bellucci – use the platform for brazen self-interest, in a bid to raise cash for holidays, cosmetic surgery and even their pampered pets.

Carla Bellucci caused outrage with her nose job and is now crowdfunding a bum lift
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Carla – dubbed the “UK’s most hated woman” after faking depression to get a nose job on the NHS – is now attempting to crowdfund £6000 to pay for her bum lift.

The 37-year-old mum claims she needs the op for her “mental health and self-esteem” and slammed the NHS for giving transgender people operations while refusing her request.

But Carla, from Borehamwood, is not alone in seeing the crowdfunding pages as an opportunity to raise a quick buck.

There are hundreds of shameless crowdfunders on these fundraising sites – and some of them have managed to wrangle thousands…

Carla advertises for backers on the Just Giving page

£5000 for a family holiday in Disney World

In March 2017, Bristol mum Nikki Smith posted a plea on GoFundMe in a bid to raise £5000 for a family holiday.

The hospital worker wanted to take her two daughters – aged 10 and 12 – to Florida’s Disney World but said her minimum wage, zero hour contract meant she would never be able to pay for it.

But the post, shared 18,000 times on Facebook, provoked a huge backlash and Nikki was branded a “beggar” and a “scrounger” by outraged social media users.

One furious man wrote: “PAY FOR YOUR OWN HOLIDAYS!!!!” Another added: “Why should the rest of us scrimp and save!!! For her to scrounge!!!!!”

After raising just £10, Nikki took the page down and claimed she was being “bullied.”

NHS carer Nikki Smith sparked a backlash when she asked stranger to pay for her holiday in the US
Nikki Smith

What happened next?

The controversy backfired on Nikki’s critics when she posted a new page, saying she wouldn’t be beaten by “online trolls” and raised over £7,328.

One benefactor alone donated £2198 and another, who gave £80, told her: “Don’t stress about the haters… hope you make it have a great time.”

In November 2018, Nikki finally took her girls to Disney World after thanking the 127 wellwishers that made it possible.

She added: “Always BELIEVE in MAGIC!!”

Nikki’s daughters got to go to Disney World after kind benefactors stepped in
Nikki Smith

Millionaire asked for £7,500 to send dog to TV supervet

Advertising executive Richard Huntingdon may have been raking it in as a chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi – but he was in the doghouse after attempting to raise funds for his pet’s vet treatment.

Richard and wife Annabel Bird – who live in a house worth over £1million – posted a plea for £7,500 after seeing dog Edward Lear limping and finding he had arthritis.

But the wealthy couple didn’t want just any vet – so they asked for donations to send Instagram star Edward to TV supervet Noel Fitzpatrick.

They claimed a hospital stay would be “too distressing” for the animal – who frequently models expensive doggy clothing online.

The post was branded “a tale of utter shamelessness” on Twitter.

Annabel with Edward, whose treatment prompted the couple to ask for £7,500
Edward Lear

What happened next?

Incredibly, the couple raised over £5000 towards vets bills before taking the page down.

Annabel wrote: “Thank you again to everyone who contributed to Edward’s GoFundMe. Unfortunately, his page has received some negative press because of who my husband Richard works for.”

Advertising exec Richard earns a six figure sum
Edward Lear has 10,000 followers on Instagram and dresses in posh dog outfits
Edward Lear

Amanda Knox requested for £8,000 for space-themed wedding

When Amanda Knox agreed to tie the knot with partner Christopher Robinson, they opted for an outer-space theme – at a sky high cost.

But the 32-year-old – who served four years in jail in Italy before being cleared of the murder of Brit student Meredith Kercher – seems to have had her head in the clouds when she asked for donations of £8,000.

Last month the couple launched a website named the Knox Robinson Coalescence in a bid bankroll “the best party ever”.

They claimed they had spent their wedding funds on Amanda’s recent return to Italy, where she attended a criminal justice festival.

But the site also listed over 60 destinations in America and Europe the couple have travelled in the four years they have been together.

Amanda Knox and Chris Robinson want a space themed wedding
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What happened next?

The couple, who married earlier this year – insisted that they were only expecting donations from family and friends in lieu of wedding presents and the fundraising page was password protected.

They wrote: “Thousands of people do this every year because traditional gift registries are outmoded—couples who already live together don’t need toasters and dishware.”

The couple listed 60 places they had travelled to in their four year relationship
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The website set up to take donations has a space theme

Instagram couple ask for £9000 for African holiday

An influencer couple were slammed in June 2019 after asking followers for £9,000 because they claim working “is not an option” for them.

Elena Engelhardt and her husband Catalin Onc, from Germany, document their exotic travels on their joint Instagram account Another Beautiful Day and boast over 45k followers.

But their exotic lifestyle was funded by Catalin’s mum – who worked two jobs to help them out.

The couple – who have already travelled to Bali, Nepal, Paris and Copenhagen in recent months – planned a tandem bike ride to Africa but said they need help to the dream of this “huge adventure” a reality.

They added: “Some will just tell us to get jobs, like everyone else and stop begging.

“But when you have the impact we do on others’ life, getting a job is not an option.”

The Instagram travel bloggers say work is not an option
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What happened next?

The trip to Africa was planned for July – but in the two months since their post, the couple have raised just £750 of their £9k target and are yet to set off.

The pair have travelled to Bali, Nepal and Copenhagen in recent months
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£8000 for a ‘soul journey’

Another woman on a quest to find herself decided she couldn’t fund herself – and tried to raise £8000 for her “spiritual journey around the world.”

Becca Gronski, a self-proclaimed “spiritual teacher, life coach, reiki and crystal healer” set up the GoFundMe page in February 2017 to fund her travels.

She then planned to write a book about her journey and then use her experience to help others for free.

But social media was not impressed with her plans for an extended holiday.

One Twitter user wrote: “I have an idea for this traveller. Get a job!!”

Becca Gronski wanted to travel the world on a spiritual quest
Becca planned to write a book and then use her skills to help others

A Facebook user wrote: “Why don’t you do some good and if you legitimately care so much about people donate it to a charity or actual cause vs your own personal travels.”

What happened next?

The spiritual journey failed to materialise after the site raised just £1005. Bad karma.

£3000 to attend circus school

Alongside the hundreds of pages requesting money for boob jobs, liposuction and other cosmetic procedures, there are thousands of other bizarre shameless requests on crowdfunding websites – including one woman who is asking for £3k to pay for her fees to attend circus school. She’s only raised £600 so far.

One woman asked strangers to pay for her entire wedding – another asked people to cough up for her best mate’s hen weekend away.

But our favourite has to be the guy who asked for £300 for a flight to Miami to save his relationship with his girlfriend.


One guy managed to get money to fly out to Miami to check on his girlfriend[/caption]

She was on holiday there, and he was worried she’d find someone new and cheat on him.

He wrote: “We have a great thing going and I would hate to see it go down the drain for a little sand and sun. If you could find it in your heart to donate ANYTHING to help save my relationship, I would greatly appreciate it.”

Amazingly, he raised it  in a few hours.

Let’s hope she was worth it…


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