The Onania Club Tom Six (Human Centipede) is revealed in a first trailer

A few months ago, we announced you that Tom Six, the Dutch director of the trilogy The Human Centipede was about to make his return to the cinema with a new project in the same line.

One of the experiments the most infamous and inhumane of all-time

If we already had the poster of her new film called The Onania Club, today, the developer unveiled the trailer. A trailer shocking in which we can see women that masturbate in front of the images of the terrorist attack of September 11.

For the time being, no information has been given on this psychological thriller. On the other hand, Tom Six had stated that The Onania Club will be “one of the experiments of the most vile and inhumane of all-time“. The filmmaker will once again put the human body to the test with a casting to be majority female, which will be staged in a mysterious club in california.

The cast will be composed of Jessica Morris, Darcy DeMoss, Deborah Twiss, Karen Strassman , and Flo Lawrence. The Onania Club will be released in cinemas in the u.s. in December.

The cinema has changed in a few decades, and there are many criticisms against it. is therefore launching a debate to find out what you think.

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