The other Bond-like beasts accused of spying after Beluga whale was caught with a spy camera

THE beluga whale spotted with a spy camera harness strapped to its body is the latest in a long line of Bond-like beasts.

Throughout history, animals and birds have been accused of spying – just like the Russian underwater agent found by fishermen off Norway’s coast this week.

A whale was found with a spy camera attached to its back

Eagle-eyed NICK PRITCHARD reveals his dossier on the crazy menagerie embroiled in the secret world of espionage.


Dolphins were trained to target mines and stop intruders in Ukraine
The Siberian Times

They are clever animals – and Ukraine’s military chiefs got their dolphins to do more than jump through a hoop.

A crack team was trained to target mines and stop intruders.

But when Russia captured the dolphins in 2014, they refused to eat – prompting Ukraine to claim they had patriotically killed themselves.


A monkey was hanged because locals thought he was a spy
North News and Pictures

In the early 19th Century, a monkey was hanged in Hartlepool because locals thought he was a Frenchman sent to spy on them.

The animal had survived a shipwreck and the French crew had dressed him in army uniform for their amusement.


Iran claimed lizards could pick up atomic waves
Getty – Contributor

Iran claimed last year that the West had used lizards to snoop on its nuclear programme.

The reptiles’ skin was supposed to pick up atomic waves.


Squirrels were arrested in Iran for spying

Iranian army chiefs went nuts when they found 14 squirrels near a nuclear plant.

Intelligence officers believed the little critters were spying – so they arrested them.

The squirrels did not send any top-secret information to Iran’s enemies.

Iranian officials claimed the cheeky bushy-tailed rodents were apprehended “before they were able to take any action”.


The British believed a dog was spying on them

You would think it mutts be a joke – but British spooks believed a dog was spying on our troops for the Germans during World War One.

They considered capturing the hound which repeatedly crossed the trenches in 1915


Cats were used to spy by the CIA
Getty – Contributor

In the 1960s, the CIA put a microphone in a cat’s ear. Its antenna was its tail.

The agents were feline confident that their plan to listen in on Russians would work.

But a taxi ran over the cat before it got into position.


India thought Pakistan was spying on them using falcons

India feared it had evidence of Pakistan spying on them when it found a camera on a dead falcon in 2013.

The bird was in a military zone but the basic camera could have belonged to a huntsman.


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