The Pact fans shocked as character reveals she is pregnant by victim Jack Evans – but did she kill him?

THE Pact fans have been left shocked after a character revealed she was pregnant by victim Jack Evans – but did she kill him?

The penultimate episode of the BBC drama saw things begin to unravel for the four brewery workers, who had played a prank on their young boss Jack by tying him up in the woods after a works party.

*Spoilers ahead for episode five of The Pact*


The penultimate episode of The Pact delivered a shock to viewers[/caption]

However, when they returned, he was dead and the police are slowly but surely closing in on them and their secret.

But for Anna, she had one further twist to deal with in tonight’s episode when she made a shock discovery.

After confessing what they had done to her police officer husband Max, Anna discovered her teenage daughter Tam had ran away from home.

She was later discovered at her friend – and fellow member of The Pact – Nancy’s house, and an argument ensued.

Anna got a massive shock
Her teenage daughter Tam revealed she was pregnant – and Jack was the father
Her brother Ryan pleaded silently with his sister to stay quiet

Tam suddenly blurted out: “I’m pregnant!” leaving her mother shocked.

While her older brother Ryan silently pleaded with her not to reveal who the father was, Tam eventually uttered Jack’s name, leaving her mother – and viewers – floored.

Meanwhile back at the police station, dad Max was watching CCTV footage of Jack in a cafe when he realised the female he was sitting with was his own daughter.

Back at Nancy’s, Tam nervously told her mother: “We came to tell you, the night of the party… and we saw you leaving.”

Meanwhile Tam’s dad Max was watching CCTV footage of Jack in a cafe with a female
He looked shocked as he realised it was his daughter

With a sense of foreboding, her mother asked: “Where did you go after the party?”

A shot then saw Jack tied up in the woods before looking up as someone approached, as he gave a cocky smile, Tam came into shot looking upset, but did she end up killing him?

Jack was then seen tied up in the woods as someone approached
Tam appeared out of the darkness, but did she kill him?

Viewers were taken aback by the shock twist, with one writing on Twitter: “ThePact Phew! I never expected that. I don’t think Tam actually murdered Jack though, more likely her brother.”

Another added: “Ooooh I didn’t see that coming.”

A third tweeted: “Didn’t see that twist coming. Looks like Max & Anna’s family is pretty screwed either way.”

The Pact concludes Tuesday, June 1 at 9pm on BBC One.


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