The price of a pint of beer has risen by 2.5% since last year – but here’s where costs have fallen

BEER lovers will be gutted to learn that the average price of a pint at the pub has jumped by an average 2.5 per cent.

This means the price of a pint in the UK now comes in at £3.69, which is 9p more than last year, according to a survey by the The Good Pub Guide.

A postcode lottery also means there’s a £1.07 a pint price difference around Great Britain

But a postcode lottery also means there’s a massive £1.07 a pint price difference between the cheapest and most expensive pints depending on where in Britain you’re drinking.

Most parts of the country have seen an increase in the price of a pint compared to last year with London the most expensive place to get a beer at an average of £4.44.

In 2017, Surrey was the priciest place to buy a pint, but this year prices in the county have fallen by 10 per cent to £3.97.

Fiona Stapley, editor of The Good Pub Guide, said: “The rising price of a pint is reflected by the fact that running a pub is becoming more and more expensive.

“One of the main killers is business rates which have doubled over the last few years with one top publican telling us that rates for one of his pubs have risen from £36,000 to £63,000 and for his other pub from £36,000 to £78,000.
“But also exorbitant rent prices, staff wages and general increases right across the food and drink industry make things extremely difficult for publicans.”

But some places have witnessed a fall in prices.

In Suffolk and Surrey, for example, the price of a pint has dropped from £3.61 to £3.59 and from £4.40 to £3.97 respectively.

Shropshire and Herefordshire, meanwhile, came in as the joint cheapest counties to buy a beer at a wallet pleasing £3.37 a pint.

The survey also found that you can save cash by sampling some of Britain’s home brew pub ranges.

These typically cost £3.26 a pint, which is 43p cheaper a pint than the national average.

The the Good Pub Guide survey is compiled from data on more than 850 pubs that feature in the 2019 edition of the guide, which goes on sale for £15.99 today.

The price of beer, gin and whiskey has all increased this summer because of a fall in barley crops.

We compared how much beer you can buy with £4 around the world and found some surprising results.

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