The Queen always packs a supply of her own blood when she travels on royal tours

SHE’S one of the most well-travelled monarchs in history – so it’s understandable that The Queen has got her long-haul flight packing down to a fine art.

However, there’s one bizarre thing The Queen always packs with her when she travels – and it’s a supply of her own blood.

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The Queen always travels with a supply of blood as precaution[/caption]

Although it might sound like only something a hypochondriac would do, The Queen, Prince Philip and Prince Charles all travel with their own personal packs of blood in countries where it might not be so easy to access if they became unwell.

Royal editor Adam Helliker told Fabulous Digital: “The Queen always travels with a supply of blood which is placed in the responsibility of whichever doctor is on duty and accompanies her on duties and Royal tours.

“This means that in a country where speedy access to a reliable blood supply cannot be guaranteed, such as remote parts of Africa, the sovereign and her consort will be able to receive blood transfusions if they were required for a medical emergency.”

While the blood itself is looked after by personal page, The Queen always travels with at least three personal physicians who will have researched nearby hospitals.

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The Queen always packs at least one all-black outfit in her royal tour wardrobe and takes her monogrammed kettle on trips abroad[/caption]

What’s more, The Queen’s supply “is regularly topped up from her own blood” to avoid “any infection from someone else’s blood.”

Adam continued: “She will have kept the supply topped up with regular deposits on the months before a trip abroad.

“So it’s just like someone making voluntary blood donations – the difference being that she will be the only recipient if it’s ever needed – that ‘blue blood’ will never find its way to an ordinary patient.”

As fans of Netflix’s The Crown will already know, the Royal Family now always travel with at least one all-black outfit just in case a relation passes away during the tour.

When the Queen’s father George VI died in 1952 when she was on a tour of Kenya, a black dress had to be taken to her when her plane landed in the UK
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In 1952, Queen Elizabeth’s father sadly died while she was on a royal trip to Kenya and, as she had only packed light summer dresses, an aide had to board The Queen’s plane with a black mourning outfit before she could exit.

According to Hello! magazine, royal protocol dictate that two heirs to the throne should NEVER travel on a plane together to protect the lineage – however, Prince William has broken this rule several times with his three children.

What’s more, The Telegraph claims that Her Majesty always travels with a monogrammed kettle – to match her personalised luggage – as well as a supply of Earl Grey tea for wherever she is in the world.

In more Royal Family news, Prince Harry failed to “explain to Meghan Markle just how intense” life as a Royal is, an expert has claimed.

And bookies have suspended bets on Princess Beatrice announcing her engagement to her new boyfriend this year.

Plus The Queen only EVER carries cash on Sundays – when she puts an ironed £5 note in her handbag.


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