The Queen dazzles and marvels at broadcasting to the nation in first televised Christmas speech 62 years ago

THE Queen wore a stunning shimmering gown and a string of pearls as she delivered the first televised Christmas message in 1957.

The 93-year-old, then aged 31, broadcast a festive message to the nation for the first time on TV in the late 1950s, as the technology took off.

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The Queen recorded the first Christmas message in 1957[/caption]

As Christmas approaches once again, the royal family shared a snippet from the first-ever televised message, which the Queen recorded in the Long Library at Sandringham.

Despite the footage being in black-and-white, the young
Queen’s outfit is still jaw-dropping, as she wore a floor-length shimmering
gown for the occasion.

Her dress features a square neckline, and she has a string of pearls around her neck with matching earrings, as well as rings and bracelets.

And her desk is filled with photos of her family – as it is to this day.

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The Queen has previously delivered Christmas messages over the radio, seen her in 1952[/caption]

Sharing the clip, the royal family posted on Instagram: “1957 saw The Queen’s first televised Christmas message, broadcast live from the Long Library at Sandringham, Norfolk.

“The Queen’s grandfather, King George V broadcast the first Christmas message in 1932.

“The text for King George’s speech was written by poet and writer Rudyard Kipling and included the words, ‘I speak now from my home and from my heart to you all’.”

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The Queen delivers an annual festive message to the nation on December 25[/caption]

It would likely have been the first time many Brits saw – and heard – the Queen speaking in such a candid way.

She touches on that in the seven-minute long message, where she says: “25 years ago my grandfather broadcast the first of these Christmas messages.

“Today is another landmark, because television has made it possible for many of you to see me inside your homes on Christmas Day.

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The first Christmas speeches were all screened in black and white [/caption]

“My own family often gather round to watch television, as
they are at this moment. And that is how I imagine you now.

“I very much hope this new medium will make my Christmas
message more personal and direct.

“It’s inevitable I should seem a rather remote figure to many of you, a successor to the kings and queens of history.

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The Queen is known for having family photos around her desk[/caption]

“Someone whose face may be familiar in newspapers and films,
but who never really touches your personal lives.

“But now for at least a few minutes now welcome you to the
peace of my own home.”

People have been going wild for the 62 year old clip online, praising the Queen’s elegance.


People have praised the Queen’s presenting skills [/caption]

One person said: “Such an amazing woman. Long may she reign
over us.”

Another wrote: “Thank you for a life time of work.”

A third said: “So lovely in sentiment and tradition.”

While this person wrote: “And what a true privilege it must
have been to be able to see and hear Her Majesty for the first time! Long live
the Queen.”

We also revealed the Queen enjoys a martini at Christmas while Prince Philip puts the star on top of the tree.

The Queen is also a fan of star-gazing and astronomy, particularly when she is at her Scottish residence. 

It’s not the only hobby the Queen has while she’s at Balmoral, either, with reports revealing that Her Maj enjoys watching her staff catch bats that reside in the ballroom of the large Aberdeenshire estate.


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