The Sex Clinic viewers grimace as man strips to have his ‘bum lump’ checked

THE Sex Clinic viewers grimaced as a man stripped to have his “bum lump” checked.

Jordan entered E4’s sexual health clinic after discovering a lump on his bum following unprotected sex.

Jordan stripped down to have his bum checked

Not only did he get a sexual health MOT in the clinic, one of the Sex Clinic professionals – Sarah – checked the “bum lump”, as he described it.

The pro said: “Okay, so, I want you to point out this spot for me.”

Jordan had pulled him jeans and pants down and bared his entire bum for the camera.

He then pointed out the small lump on his butt he wanted checked.

The professional Sarah got in close to check it out

During the VT, he said: “It just plays on my mind. The fact that it might be something sexual, sexually transmitted related. I just want to know what it is.”

There was no pain after touching it and once the routine inspection was done, he was sent to the waiting room to await his results.

Luckily, when he was called back into the room, Jordan was told it was just an in-grown hair.

What’s more – all of his tests came back negative, and he was asked to start wearing condoms when having sex.

It turned out to be an in-grown hair

However, fans were not ready to see the whole package, with one persons saying: “How do these folk exist?”

Another added: “I don’t want to see inside a hairy bum”


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