The shocking damage two weeks in the sun does to your skin even when you are wearing factor 50 suncream

THE summer season vacation season means solar, sea, sand – and making an attempt to get a glowing tan.

Whether or not you’ve been having fun with the sweltering summer season right here at dwelling or basking on a seaside overseas, we all know the hazards of not defending our pores and skin correctly. However does solar cream defend you as a lot as you assume?

Sonja Horsman

Sarah, 39, was assured her pores and skin was protected with SPF50 — however high-tech imaging reveals the surprising reality[/caption]

Laura Stott requested Sarah Hawes, 39, of Dartford, Kent, to analyse her pores and skin earlier than and after her two-week break with civil servant husband Justin, 44, and daughter Bella, seven.

The Visia Complexion Evaluation scanner makes use of high-tech imaging to disclose solar injury.

Dr Sophie Shotter, medical director of, talks us via the outcomes.

The scores

EACH scan offers the pores and skin a rating from zero to 100 per cent – zero being the worst attainable.

Fifty is a median rating for a British girl and the upper the quantity, the higher the situation of your complexion. Something underneath 50 is under common.

The decrease the quantity, the more severe your face has fared.

Sarah says: 

“WE went to Cala Llonga in Ibiza for 2 weeks. I really like catching some rays and feeling the nice and cozy solar on my face.

“Having a golden glow makes me feel and look more healthy.

“On vacation, I sometimes spend six or seven hours by the pool or on the seaside each day.

“I’m fortunate, as I’ve olive-toned pores and skin which not often burns.

Sarah, of Dartford, Kent, loves the golden glow from a vacation within the solar and says her olive-toned pores and skin not often burns
Sonja Horsman

“In my twenties I used to sunbathe all day with nothing however SPF15. Lately I’m extra cautious and use SPF50.

“I used a high-street own-brand face suncream and I’ll reapply each few hours.

“At dwelling, I don’t use an SPF each day – only a regular funds face cream – however I’m pleased with my pores and skin and I can’t see any apparent solar injury.

“With SPF50 on, I’m assured my pores and skin is effectively protected. And with my olive complexion, I didn’t anticipate to see a lot injury.”

REDNESS: Earlier than 89% After 55%

Dr Sophie says: “Sarah didn’t burn on vacation and she or he doesn’t look purple, she appears tanned. However the redness evaluation (pictured) exhibits the true story.

“After Ibiza she has developed a number of new damaged veins. Solar publicity enlarges blood vessels inflicting these damaged veins.

“It additionally thins the pores and skin leaving it extra susceptible to penetration and injury by dangerous UV rays.

Sarah’s pores and skin was analysed earlier than her two-week break in Ibiza
Afterwards – Sarah appears tanned however the redness evaluation tells one other story

“Sarah has numerous new clusters of purple veins on her nostril, her cheekbones and brow. Everybody’s nostril is particularly vulnerable to the solar, because it sticks prominently out of the face and catches extra rays.

“Sarah’s is badly broken over the bridge.

“Lengthy-term, this implies there might be everlasting DNA injury to her pores and skin cells, that means decreased collagen ranges, thinner pores and skin, extra wrinkles and in the end elevated possibilities of skin cancer.”

BROWN SPOTS: Earlier than 88% After 42%

Dr Sophie says: “We’re pigmentation ranges and brown spots. Earlier than, Sarah had a small quantity of pigmentation, which is regular. However now she’s developed brown patches on her nostril, cheeks and higher lip space.

Sonja Horsman – The Solar

The mum of 1 developed brown patches on her nostril, cheeks and higher lip space[/caption]

“When the pores and skin is uncovered to one thing dangerous – UV rays from the solar – it produces melanin to guard itself.

“When solar publicity is excessive, an excessive amount of melanin is produced, resulting in freckles and brown patches.”

WRINKLES: Earlier than 81% After 21%

Dr Sophie says: “Earlier than her journey, Sarah had only a few wrinkles – however that has considerably modified.

“There’s a big increase in her deep wrinkles, significantly round her delicate eye space the place the pores and skin is thinner and on her brow.

“This means collagen loss. Collagen is the protein which provides our complexions construction and energy, holding us clean and plumped-up.

“Ranges in our pores and skin fall naturally from our mid-twenties onwards and publicity to the solar solely accelerates this decline.

Sonja Horsman

After two weeks within the solar, Sarah’s pores and skin evaluation exhibits a giant improve in her deep wrinkles, significantly round her delicate eye space[/caption]

“Rays break down the collagen within the deeper ranges of our pores and skin – and fewer collagen means extra wrinkles on the floor.

“A few of Sarah’s new traces might be a results of dehydration, as her pores and skin has been dried to a crisp by the solar.

“She will attempt to rehydrate it with an excellent skincare routine. However different wrinkles come from collagen loss – and people ones might be everlasting.”

TEXTURE: Earlier than 49% After 3%

Dr Sophie says: “The post-holiday rating is nearly zero! This takes under consideration the build-up of useless pores and skin cells. Her face is parched by the solar, the floor is tough and her pores and skin tissue uneven.

Sonja Horsman

Dr Sophie recommends an in-salon remedy to take care of textural points[/caption]

“Exfoliating will assist however I’d in all probability advocate an in-salon remedy. Sarah should be cautious to not tear and irritate her pores and skin when it’s this tough and dry.”

BACTERIA: Earlier than 14% After 86%

Dr Sophie says: “That is attention-grabbing. Earlier than happening vacation, Sarah’s complexion was very congested with micro organism that may result in pimples and breakouts.

“There’s a dramatic enchancment however I don’t assume it’s all the way down to solar publicity.

Sonja Horsman

Sarah’s pores and skin is much less congested however that’s in all probability all the way down to swimming in a pool[/caption]

“She has been swimming in a chlorinated pool, so I believe it’s this which has affected her pores and skin.”

UV DAMAGE: Earlier than 20% After 40%

Dr Sophie says: “The black areas point out irreversible DNA injury attributable to UV radiation. Virtually all pores and skin cancers are attributable to an excessive amount of UV radiation.

‘The black areas point out irreversible DNA injury attributable to UV radiation’, says Dr Sophie

“UVB is answerable for sunburn whereas UVA penetrates deep into the pores and skin, inflicting lasting injury. There’s a rise in these black patches and total her complexion appears darker.”


“I’M shocked. My vacation has given me the pores and skin of a 90-year-old. On the surface, my pores and skin appears good. I used SPF50, I didn’t burn and acquired a beautiful glow. However injury under the floor is very large.

Sonja Horsman

Sarah is left in shock after her pores and skin evaluation – saying: ‘My vacation has given me the pores and skin of a 90-year-old’[/caption]

“It’s scary. You don’t have any thought what’s taking place once you’re sunbathing. It’s a wake-up name. I’ll spend extra time within the shade and likewise use a face cream with SPF all 12 months spherical.”


“THIS exhibits even SPF50 received’t provide sufficient safety by itself.

“Among the injury to Sarah’s pores and skin will enhance naturally again within the UK.

Sonja Horsman – The Solar

Dr Sophie says: ‘The redness and pigment will fade however any DNA injury might be everlasting’[/caption]

“The redness and pigment will fade and she or he may also help restore her texture and moisture ranges on the floor with an excellent skincare routine. However on a deeper mobile stage, any DNA injury might be everlasting.”


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