The six clues that Line of Duty’s ‘H’ is lawyer Gill Biggeloe as she ‘sets up Hastings to go down for his wife’s murder’

LINE Of Duty fans are convinced Gill Biggeloe is H – and is going to frame H for his wife’s murder.

The legal counsel to AC-12 – who is played by actress Polly Walker in the BBC drama – made a surprise return this series after her initial appearance in season three.

And her behaviour and actions have left fans convinced she is hiding a huge secret – she is H.

What’s more, they are convinced she’s going to set up Ted Hastings and frame him for his wife’s murder after Corbett appeared to go and kill her in last night’s episode.

Here’s the six massive clues that suggest Gill is H.


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Line of Duty has been hinting that Gill is secretly H[/caption]

Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio has said he has always known who H is.

The writer recently revealed he purposely gave multiple characters names that could feature a H, but what if that was a huge red-herring?

And instead what if H stands for Her?

As one fan tweeted: “#LineOfDuty H is Jill and the H stands for Her. That’s why all comms are done on text, so she doesn’t give her gender away.”


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The clues it is Ted are far too obvious for the slick drama[/caption]

The show hasn’t exactly been subtle about telling us we should think Ted Hastings is a bent cop and operating as H.

Helen Keller could see the signs of that coming loud and clear with every other moment designed to heal suspicion on the head of AC-12.

But it’s precisely because it is too obvious that it simply must be a set up, and who else is better placed to ensure this set up than highly intelligent and supremely capable Gill?

As one fan said: “Oooh are we supposed to think Hastings is bad?! Maybe they should signpost it more! #LineOfDuty”


The lawyer first appeared in season 3 where she told Ted to stop hunting for the wider conspiracy

In the season three finale Gill made it clear she was stemming the tide of police corruption convictions – but claimed it was for the public good.

She told Ted: “Anti-corruption is a double-edged sword.

“We need to find just enough bent coppers to avoid accusations of a cover up, but not so many that the public starts to wonder if the police can be trusted.”

Ted swiftly showed her the door, but last night she returned at the new Police and Crime Commissioner’s command.

How will she stop more corruption being uncovered?


To the casual observer when Corbett went to attack Ted’s estranged wife Roisin, Ted had the perfect alibi – he was in a hotel room with Gill.

But after it was revealed the OCG were saving condoms from their brothel for paedophiles, fans think Gill is going to do the same to Ted and plant evidence on his wife’s body.

Or she could be using it to blackmail him and bring him into her corrupt fold.

One fan said: “Oh ffs. John is going to kill Hasting’s wife. Jill is going to lie and not gave him an alibi because she’s H and frame him for the murder. #LineOfDuty”

Another added: “My theory is this – Gill works for H. When Gill went back to Hastings hotel room@they had sex and used a condom. That used condom will find its way into the evidence from the house they raided. Add that to the money Hasting gets back and he looks guilty. #LineOfDuty”


She wants Corbett caught for a reason

At this point Gill must know Corbett is inside her gang as an undercover officer and needs him out before he discovers who she is.

She can’t have him killed without raising suspicion with the few people who know he is still working on the side of the police.

So instead she demands they arrest him and end it all then and there.

“Find Corbett, Ted and then all this other bulls*** will vanish like the bulls*** it is,” she told him, suspiciously.



This may seem convoluted but remember this Line of Duty and not Jackanory.

The OCG contact H, or at least the mystery person on the other end of the laptop is only identified by their username, which in this case is USER 2972.

Now while this could just be a random number, fans think there is a code to be cracked here.

One said: “User: 2972. Put the numbers against their letters of the Alphabet gives us: BIGI 2972 BI(gelow) GI(ll).

“So based on the other information in my previous post looks like H is Gill Bigelow. #LineOfDuty #theory”

As if any further proof were needed.

* Line of Duty continues on Sunday night at 9pm on BBC One

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