The Sun is Britain’s most read newspaper and website for the fourth month in a row with 32.6million users

THE Sun Online has topped the online newspaper charts for a fabulous four consecutive months.

More than 32.6MILLION Brits turned to The Sun’s family of websites and apps for news, showbiz and sport last month.

Bringing you the news the Britain wants to read

The figures, from the industry’s digital data bible Comscore, show that we welcomed a massive 2.3million more visitors than the previous month — a growth rate of eight per cent.

And we have increased our lead on our rivals, leaving them trailing behind. We now reach two million more Brits than our closest competitors, MailOnline, and 6.7million more than Mirror Online.

In September, we brought you all the top gossip, led the way on real-life stories and gave you heaps of agenda-setting sports coverage.

But it’s all thanks to you, our loyal readers.

Thank you for choosing The Sun for the best and widest spread of news, sport and gossip that Fleet Street has to offer.

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