The Sun’s Hail Your Heroes pays tribute to YOU – Britain’s Covid crisis superstars

IT was the week Britain said a sad farewell to Covid fundraising hero Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Today the Sun on Sunday again pays tribute to YOU, the lockdown champions who have been following in his footsteps by making a difference.

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We share your stories of everyday folk who are stepping up during the coronavirus crisis

In the second week of our Hail Your Heroes salute, we share your stories of everyday folk who are stepping up to help.

All of them ensure that 100-year-old Captain Tom’s catchphrase – “tomorrow will be a good day” – lives on.

To the unsung heroes – thank you for your efforts in these tough times. We salute every one of you.


Britain’s unsung heroes are ensuring that Captain Tom’s legacy lives on[/caption]

TO all the amazing staff at GRANGE PARK PRIMARY in Sunderland, thank you for your constant dedication to the education of all pupils. Whether it is accommodating children whose parents are key workers, or preparing work and online learning for those children who are at home, I salute every single one of you and will always regard each of you as a true hero. Kevin Morris, Sunderland

I’D really like to thank VIVIEN and DES PARRY – the best neighbours ever. They supported me when I moved house after my husband died, then through IVF, then through my pregnancy and now through the pandemic – helping me with my twin babies. Thank you for all the meals you have cooked and dropped off to me, all the shopping you have done for me, for all the times you have walked my dog Bella, for all the praying you have done and most of all for your friendship. Lucy Kelsall, Bristol

I’D like to thank my mum, PAT REID, for being the strong, amazing woman she has always been. My dad died last year in March, right at the start of the first lockdown. This was a complete shock and devastated the whole family. My parents had been married for 45 years and were together all day, every day, running a car garage together. My mum never wavered, putting her five children, five grandchildren and foster daughter all first throughout the difficult time afterwards. Despite being registered disabled, she always does this. Whether that be shopping for us, helping with home-schooling or cooking, nothing is too much trouble. She also volunteers for charity and has continued to assist throughout all the lockdowns. I honestly don’t know where our family would be without my mum. She is the most selfless, amazing human being and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. Nicola McGarry, Prestwick, South Ayrs

I WOULD like to thank my fantastic parents DAVID and CHRISTINE CAW-DELL. Since the start of this pandemic, they have been rocks for me. They have been reassuring voices over the phone – there to offer wisdom, advice and most importantly constant reassurance. I lost my job during the second lockdown, as I worked in graphic design on exhibitions and the sector has been badly hit. With my home and future in jeopardy, as a single person, my parents soon became my only comfort. Thank goodness for the kindness and extraordinary generosity they have shown me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both. Ed Cawdell, Loughborough, Leics

I’D like to thank my pal NICOLA PRESTON, a friend I’ve known since infant school. We lost touch growing up but got back in touch with each other through Facebook about six years ago. We’d have nights out and phone each other now and again but ever since the first lockdown in March last year we have phoned each other every day, sometimes more than once a day. She really has become my best friend and even when we are having a tough day we are there for each other to lift each other’s spirits. She really is one in a million. Esther Houghton, Stoke-on-Trent

I honestly don’t know where our family would be without my mum. She is the most selfless, amazing human being.

Nicola McGarry

I WOULD like to thank my mum, KERRY, for keeping us all positive throughout the pandemic. Without you, the last year would have been a lot more difficult and we all appreciate so much how you care for us and put us first, even though you should be putting yourself first at times. You truly are the glue that holds us all together. I’m sure the whole town appreciates the bakes you’ve been making everyone this past year. I can’t wait for the pandemic to be over so we can continue to make our memories together as a family. We all love you lots. Verity Carson, Buxton, Derbys

TO my dad DAVID JONES who has been volunteering as a helper at our local vaccination centre. He always makes time to have a laugh and joke and keep people’s spirits up. A true hero. Mark Jones, Basildon, Essex

A BIG thank you to all of my neighbours who work for the NHS on the IRWELL RIVERSIDE ESTATE in Salford. From anaesthetists, to GPs, to emergency medicine consultants, you have worked tirelessly throughout the various lock-downs and kept cheerful and upbeat. You’re all superheroes. Heather Williams, Stockport

TO my girlfriend, DAISY WILLIAMS – who is working for the NHS, and is the glue that holds our family together. We are so very proud of you, Daisy. Mark Thomas, Stratford-upon-Avon

I WOULD like to thank all the doctors in the NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT at Royal Oldham Hospital. You are all incredible and it takes some strength to do the job you all do. Saving someone else’s baby puts you under just as much pressure as the parents feel. You have all been unbelievable, with the support you’ve given to myself and Liam, and I’m forever grateful. Thank you all, so much. Mary Akram, Oldham

TO my brother KEVIN COMRIE, who has worked as an intensive care nurse at the Perth Royal Infirmary during the pandemic. You have worked so hard since the start of these difficult times and continue to do so. I am proud of you. Thank you. Roisin Comrie, Perth

The nurses at Great Ormond Street Hospital helped Jakey McCrossen win his fight for life
Jakey was diagnosed with Burkitt non-Hodgkin lymphoma in January last year
His mum says ‘it was incredibly tough but Jakey fought like a superhero and the staff made sure we never felt alone’

Team Jakey

SEEING her son Jakey ring the bell to announce he was finally able to leave hospital was a moment that Daniella McCrossen will never forget.

Tearfully looking on alongside her were the nurses at London’s GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL who, for months, had helped little cancer patient Jakey win his fight for life.

Daniella says if it had not been for the amazing care provided by the famous children’s hospital, her five-year-old son would not be alive today.

That is why she is now hailing all the doctors and nurses there as her heroes.

Daniella, 37, from Canvey Island, Essex, told the Sun on Sunday: “I will never forget what they did.”

Jakey was diagnosed with Burkitt non-Hodgkin lymphoma in January of last year, meaning he spent most of last year in hospital. He had an eight-hour operation to remove a tumour behind his optic nerve and was kept in for six months for treatment including chemotherapy.

Thankfully he is now back home, but Daniella says the people who looked after Jakey remain in her heart.

She says: “The medical team including his doctors and nurses all played a huge part in Jakey’s recovery. They were so incredible, especially during the pandemic. The staff really went above and beyond.

“The hospital became our second home and they were like our second family.

“Even the nurses would come around and cheer us up. Every department Jakey visited, the staff were fantastic.

“They went out of their way to make things a little easier for us, even more so than under normal circumstances.

“It was incredibly tough but Jakey fought like a superhero and the staff made sure we never felt alone.”

I WOULD like to nominate CAROLINE SMITH who set up a Facebook group for people to connect with each other so they don’t feel isolated and alone. Caroline puts posts on it every day to get people interactive, and gets lots of fun topics going on. She had 900 members in this group, which goes to show how important it is that people stay connected. She is a true star in these difficult times. Elizabeth Allen, Eastbourne

TO my father TERRY EVANS who has been sorting out shopping and essentials for our elderly neighbours for more than a year. He goes above and beyond, week in and week out. Sophie Evans, Ongar, Essex

I WOULD like to say a huge thank you to all the hard-working staff at the CALDWELL GRANGE CARE HOME in Nuneaton for looking after my mum and all the other residents. They are all very special. Lorraine Hardy, Nuneaton, Warwicks

I WOULD like to nominate our health visitor, JENNIFER WILLIAMSON. She has been a great help to us with our son, Edan, and especially this year with the birth of our little girl, Aria. She was there throughout – from Aria’s many days in hospital, to now with her back at home. She is also the main reason we were able to get out of our old flat and into a nicer area. Autumn Cayzer, Glasgow

I’D like to nominate several people who have helped create a special memorial wall in the community, in memory of my late wife Annette – RANJIT SINGH, who owns the wall, my son CLAIN SKEETE, who prepared the wall and DARREN AMPLE WOOD, who painted the outstanding memorial. It has helped me greatly. Steve Booth, Leicester

FOR my mum ANITA YOUNG, who has been working tirelessly at Waitrose since the start of the pandemic. She’s such an amazing, wonderful woman. Adele Young, Bath

I WANT to thank my family friend CHARLOTTE POTTER who has been volunteering for the local church and feeding the homeless during this time. She’s done an amazing job and given up a lot of her time to help others. Will Brodie, Bristol

TO my mum MARY BATES – currently she has three jobs, one as a vaccination nurse. She is 62 this year and is working her socks off for us. Eleanor Bates, Dudley, West Mids

I’D like to nominate ALPA GHELANI. Despite having a horrendous time during this pandemic, recently losing her best friend and caring for her father, she has doubled down in her efforts to help patients get medicine, which she delivers herself for free. She has also volunteered to help with Covid screening and vaccination support. It’s amazing she finds the time. Ethar Alali, Stretford, Gtr Manchester

MY mum LISA CARMICHAEL, who is a social care officer with Perth and Kinross Council and has worked throughout the pandemic. Thank you for everything you have done in these difficult times. Paul McCormick, Perth

TO ANGIE CLARKE, from Burnham-on-Sea, who’s the owner of the Somewhere House rehab charity. Saved my life during the pandemic. Luke Smith, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset

Hail YOUR Hero

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I’D like to say a big thanks to the PEOPLE FOCUSED GROUP peer support network in Doncaster who have been doing all they can to help those in need. They joined together with local rugby club Doncaster Knights to deliver more than 500 meals to people in the local community. They’re true heroes, all of them. Richard Vallance, Doncaster

TO my girlfriend EMILIE JAMES, thank you for being there and supporting me through lockdown while I’m living alone. I miss you lots. Tim Moses, Cambridge

MY mum JILL FORBES – thank you for working tirelessly at a medical clinic in Dundee since the start of the pandemic. You inspire me every day. Ellie Forbes, Glasgow

TO my dad, CHRISTOPHER SHAND, a manager at the Royal Mail in Pitlochry. You have worked through the whole pandemic and never complained, and you have always made doorstop visits to us to make sure we are OK. We love you so much. Morgan Coghlan, Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross

I’M so proud of my sister, RIANNA WHITE, for stepping up and facing this pandemic head on, working extra shifts in her role as a radiographer at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, to help meet the extra demands during the pandemic. She is constantly putting the needs of her patients before her own. Emma Butterfield, Leeds

TO dear friend CHARLOTTE BUSSON, who is a hearing aid dispenser in Glasgow. You have brought a smile to all the people you have helped. You have not only supported some of the most vulnerable people, you stay in touch with their families. You have brought so much cheer to the people you visit. Camilla Baier, Edinburgh

I CAN’T thank the NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT nurses at Burnley General Hospital enough. My son Archie was born three months premature during the pandemic, but the medics fought so brilliantly to save his life – even when we thought he might not make it, they never gave up. They’re my heroes. Sheree Murray, Colne, Lancs

I’m so proud of my sister for stepping up and facing this pandemic head on, working extra shifts in her role as a radiographer.

Emma Butterfield

MRS PERRIN and all of the teachers at CAMPTON LOWER SCHOOL, thank you for continuing to smile every day, welcoming the children who come to the gate a little scared and knowing their parents are having to work in the hospitals and as key workers. You never fail to greet the children with a warm hello and give them a school day full of fun and laughter. You’re always at the end of the phone and nothing is ever too much when it comes to supporting us parents home-schooling. You have made the education system for Ben something he wants to be involved in and, for that, you are all heroes. Ben Claridge and dad Mark, Bedford

TO JANE, EMMA and all the PIPPINS NURSERY team. Having to start pre-school during a pandemic was never an easy thing to do – Ellie had not had much interaction with other children, nor left our side since March last year. But you have made it so easy for me to drop Ellie at the door. Watching her run in and want to play with you warms my heart. Knowing she is happy and safe has made my return to work as a nurse so much easier. I’m so lucky not only to have you as Ellie’s key workers but to now also call you my friends. Keep up the amazing work. Jenny Snell, Chicksands, Beds

THANK you to CLAIRE ABBOTT from Aberdeenshire who is the most amazing home economics teacher and has worked throughout the pandemic. You are a fantastic role model to the children you teach in these difficult times – I know it’s not been at all easy. Greg Smith, Motherwell

I WANT to pay tribute to my brother MARK JONES who has been working throughout the pandemic as a delivery driver for Iceland. He always goes the extra mile to make sure his regular customers are OK and often runs errands for elderly people nearby after dropping off their shopping. He’s a hero for our difficult times. David Jones, Luton

WE would like to say thank you to my mum, TRACY MURRAY, from Saffron Walden. She is a key worker in her local Nisa supermarket and has managed to work extra-long hours to keep the shop open for the community. She also supported us every step of the way through our 17-week hospital stay with our premature twins and has done everything she can for us, with the restrictions, since we’ve been home. She has also supported my sister who has just given birth to twins at 34 weeks. She is an absolute rock to us all. Lauren Buckley, Saffron Walden, Essex

My amazing husband helped me isolate

VERY few people have had to make the kind of sacrifices that Jo Atrill has while working through the pandemic.

Jo, 42, took the heartbreaking decision to live in a separate part of the house from her severely disabled son Alex, 17, and her husband because he may die if he catches Covid-19.

That has meant, for more than a year, she has lived isolated in her own home.

But she says the past year has been so much easier thanks to the love and devotion of both her son and husband.

Today she hails husband MARTIN ATRILL, 31, as her superhero.

Jo, from Illminster, Somerset, says: “He has made me breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, looked after me when I had major surgery during the summer holidays and also helped to build and fully decorate an adapted bedroom for Alex.

“He even sold his beloved Land Rover to kit out Alex’s new room with amazing sensory equipment and make sure we all had a great Christmas. We had my wonderful stepchildren, Harry and Skye, to stay in the holidays and he and they looked after me over the summer when I had to have major surgery.

“During the summer, Martin lost one of his oldest and best friends and sadly could not attend the funeral except via Zoom link – again to ensure Alex’s safety.

“My husband has also been really ill himself and is awaiting tests which have been put back due to the pandemic.

“He’s been totally amazing.”

Jo Atrill made the heartbreaking decision to live in a separate part of the house from her family
But she says the past year has been so much easier thanks to her son and husband, who are her superheroes

THANKS to my sister OLIVIA BUSSON who has been a huge support to me throughout the pandemic. You have helped keep me going the last ten months when it has got tough. Charlotte Busson, Glasgow

DELIVERY driver ANDY THOMAS is my lockdown hero. As well as working round the clock to support his family, he has been fundraising locally for the NHS and food banks. Always thinking of others. Alison Thomas, Brighton

CHEF TONY FRIER, from Fareham, Hants, deserves a huge well done for continuing to cook his delicious meals for those in need throughout the pandemic. He has slaved away on the stove day after day to keep the people of Emsworth, Hants, fuelled up and looked after at this difficult time. Smashing stuff, Tone! Barnaby Kellaway, Leeds

TO my friend and flatmate JAKE LAMB from Edinburgh who, after starting his new role as a teaching assistant, has been tirelessly working to bring normalcy to the lives of his pupils and make this unprecedented experience a fun and educational one. Robert Kyle Molina, Edinburgh

MY mum SANDRA TOLSON has been an absolute rock in lockdown. I am a single parent and she’s cared for my children while I’ve had to work as a nurse, fighting the virus. The family of NHS workers make huge sacrifices, too. Marie Tolson, Walsall

I’D like to nominate my friend LAURA SOWERBY, from Hull, who has been working as an intensive care nurse throughout the pandemic and shown such bravery in the face of what I can only imagine has been incredible, day-to-day difficulties. She has continued to be a fabulous and supportive friend to me despite all the stress she must be presented with. She is my hero and I can’t wait to be able to buy her the biggest drink when I can see her next. Charlotte Owen, Leeds

My hero is my husband David Taylor who has been working round the clock as a key worker for the NHS. I am so proud.

Linda Taylor

WELL done to SCOTT WESTLAKE, ROB VALLANCE and all the brilliant people at the MYRTLE TAVERN in Meanwood, Leeds, who have helped so much during the pandemic. They have gone out of their way to surprise key workers and vulnerable people with food parcels and gifts, and, when restrictions have allowed, have provided perfect pints during imperfect times. Thanks, guys. Scott Wallace, Leeds

I’D like to thank LINDA SYKES who is a valued and committed volunteer at our St Giles Animal Rescue Centre, near Taunton, Somerset. We really do not know what we’d have done without her over the last year. She has been supporting us during the pandemic and always lifts everyone’s spirits. She’s been working tirelessly to get each and every one of our rescue dogs’ and cats’ home visits completed virtually so they can head off to their new forever homes. She’s even stepped in to foster litters of kittens for us. We can’t thank her enough. Grace Rose-Gale, North Petherton, Somerset

I’D like to say a big well done to my sister, ELLIE HAWKES, who represents a lot of other parents out there – being at home for months on end with small children, keeping them happy and healthy in such extreme circumstances. She’s a superstar. Rozi Hogger, Northampton

A HEARTFELT thank you to PAUL ANDERSON and all of my wonderful neighbours in Leeds. My housemate got Covid before the lockdown and before any of us had any idea of how dreadful and devastating this pandemic would be. They set up a WhatsApp group to help us with groceries, and left board games, booze, and more booze at our doorstep. For four months, we met regularly on our street after setting up socially distanced tables by our doors, and enjoyed long, drunken chats while all on furlough. It was a highlight in a time when highlights were few and far between. Thank you, guys. Joe Pagnelli, Leeds


Janice and Peter Sheridan want to thank their binman as they refuse to let the weather get in their way (stock photo)[/caption]

A SHOUT-OUT to my husband DAN BANKS who has been working round the clock delivering parcels through the pandemic and still makes time to ensure our elderly neighbours have all they need. Sonia Banks, Leyton, East London

I WANT to nominate my wonderful husband MARK PEARSON, a chef who has volunteered with a local bakery to deliver bread and vital groceries to people who have been unable to leave the house during all three lockdowns. What a man. Caro Brown, Bath

TO my incredibly brave mum, KIRSTY ELLISON, who works tirelessly as a nurse at the Belong Morris Feinmann care home in Didsbury. Even during the darkest depths of this crisis, decked head to toe in uncomfortable PPE, you still keep your head up and go into work. You are truly inspirational. You’ve also continued to be an amazing mum, keeping us all laughing and being there when lockdown gets to us. We love you so much. George Ellison, Didsbury, Gtr Manchester

I WOULD like to say a massive thank you to all the team at the COMMUNITY EQUIPMENT SERVICE in Ulverston who have continued to deliver vital equipment all over Cumbria to prevent hospital admissions, help with hospital discharge and keep people comfortable and safe at home. They have done a fantastic job in what has been a very difficult time. I am very proud of the whole team. Paul Bell, Ulverston, Cumbria

MY wife LISA ROWLANDS is a hero. She is an amazing teacher and mum to our two children. Every weekend she has also been taking time out to ensure our elderly relatives have all they need. She never complains about the work she has to do. Dan Rowlands, Chelmsford, Essex

I’D love to nominate my husband DAVID POVEY and colleagues MATT, TREVOR, NEIL and SARAH in the BEREAVEMENT SERVICES TEAM at CANNOCK CHASE DISTRICT COUNCIL along with all the local funeral directors and crematorium staff. They have worked tirelessly and compassionately throughout the pandemic and continue to deal with grief, sadness and loss, day in and day out, in such a kind, caring and always professional manner. Francesca Povey, Cannock, Staffs

TO our binmen – MARK, STEVE, JASON and PAUL. Wind, rain or shine, they’ve been here since March. They also stop for a socially distanced chat and a joke, and keep us smiling. Janice and Peter Sheridan, Luton

A SHOUT-OUT to all at BARNSLEY CHILD-MINDERS, which has stayed open since last March, looking after key workers’ children. In particular, big thanks to MANDI and DEBBIE – my friends. Lynn Slingsby, Barnsley

OUR heroes are our daughter KATIE PONS-FORD and husband ADAM, teaching from home via online links to make sure their students are engaged – while also home-schooling their own children. A big thank you to ALL the teaching professionals during these unprecedented times. Barbara and Robert Adams, Stoke-On-Trent

A SHOUT-OUT to our Tesco delivery driver DAVID SMITH who has carried on smiling through wind, rain and shine. He always takes time to make sure we are OK. Mary Brinkstead, Coalville, Leics

I WOULD like to nominate my son ALFIE BLEE, who is 19 and at college. He set up a JustGiving page and raised over £950 for the Poppy Appeal, by running 11 miles. Karen Blee, Cheam, Surrey

THANK you to our local Boots pharmacist DAVID THOMPSON. Nothing is ever too much trouble for him or his lovely team. Rita Shannon, Sheffield

Volunteers from the charity RE:ACT are working round the clock to decontaminate ambulances
The team, including former firefighters, police and paramedics, are pitching in to support the South East Ambulance Service

Volunteer army keep ambulances on the road

THEY have battled in the world’s deadliest disaster zones.

Now a volunteer army of military veterans and former 999 responders are waging a war on Covid-19.

Volunteers from the charity RE:ACT are working round the clock to decontaminate ambulances that have carried Covid patients, so they can get back on the road more quickly.

The heroes, including former firefighters, police and paramedics, as well as ex-military, are pitching in to support the South East Ambulance Service.

They have also been helping to give out food parcels during the pandemic, and to provide other support to hospitals.

Paul Taylor, RE:ACT’s Operations Response Manager, who served for 26 years in the Army’s infantry, deploying to Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq, yesterday hailed the volunteers’ crucial efforts.

He said: “The support RE:ACT gave to local communities and organisations during the first wave of the pandemic made a significant impact in keeping people safe and helping to relieve pressure on over-whelmed services.

“And our amazing team are again volunteering selflessly during this latest lockdown, decontaminating ambulances and helping distribute millions of meals to vulnerable people and families. They’ve provided support at 84 hospitals including providing dignity to the deceased.

“I want to give them thanks, as each and every one of them are volunteers.

“Many of them have told me how proud they are to support paramedic teams, along with the NHS nurses and doctors at this time.

“The UK’s veterans and first responders are always ready to serve the nation and put the needs of others first, doing whatever is required.”

BIG thanks to my unsung hero, THE REV PHAEDRA PAMPHILON-GREEN. She saved me, helped me turn my life around and overcome so many hurdles, and has become a very dear friend. It is hard to put into words what she has done for me and my family. Jackie Puleston, Bletchingley, Surrey

MY girlfriend AMANDA SMITH, working as a health visitor, is my hero. She has carried on working night and day to support new mothers, as well as caring for her friends and family. David Anderson, Bradford

I WOULD like to nominate my father, JON COLLIS. He is a caretaker at Spring Grove Primary School, Isleworth. He has worked every day through lockdown to keep the school running for vulnerable children and the children of key workers. He has kept everybody’s spirits high, always making people smile and laugh, and is never without a smile himself. He is a wonderful man, at the heart of the school community, going above and beyond. He is a hero and I am proud to call him my Dad. Rafferty Collis, Isleworth, West London

I WOULD like to nominate my teacher, GEMMA SKELLEY, as a pandemic hero. She has been working super-hard during the pandemic, both for those children still in school and arranging home-schooling work for the rest of them. Often, she is still checking through work and submitting worksheets for us at 11.30pm. It must be hard making sure we are all OK but she does it brilliantly. Thank you – and Class 3 look forward to being back together soon. Martha-Mae, Filleigh Primary School, North Devon

I WOULD like to pay tribute to RACHEL NEWMAN – a midwife who also became a friend when she looked after me when our son passed away prematurely. She went on to deliver my “rainbow” baby and is just the most wonderful human being, always thinking of others and guiding those who need it through situations that are so life- changing. She’s had a tough year but continues to go out of her way to ensure a better path for people, and sees that everyone feels appreciated. She is not only my hero but one to so many across Surrey and Sussex. Lauren Frost, Crawley, West Sussex

MY hero is EAMON SEMMAKIE. When the first lockdown was imposed, early last year, a note from a neighbour was put through my door offering help to us if needed. I phoned to thank him for his unexpected and very welcome offer. It was particularly appreciated because we had never met this gentleman, who turned out to be Eamon. Since that first telephone conversation, this man has been totally fantastic. He has done all our shopping, every single week, and brought it to our door. We really think of Eamon as our hero for giving us so much help and always with a smile. Rosalind Pantoock and Roland Cherriman, Brighton

THE army of 30,500 ST JOHN AMBULANCE volunteers who have joined Britain’s historic vaccination drive deserve a huge pat on the back. The unsung heroes, aged from 17 to 69, include teachers, pilots, sixth-form students and student doctors, who have been helping administer the vaccine to Britain’s most clinically vulnerable people, everyone over the age of 70, and all frontline NHS workers. Through Hail Your Heroes, I want to thank each and every one of our volunteers. Martin Houghton-Brown, St John Ambulance CEO

I WOULD like to nominate my grandson MARK THOMPSON who has been working as a firefighter through the pandemic. These lifesavers don’t get enough of a mention. Heroes, all. Alison Grealing, Blackpool

MY wonderful wife AMY JACKSON has been working so hard as a teacher throughout the pandemic, while also juggling a family, and has still found time to keep an eye out for her neighbours. A true local hero. Mark Jackson, Southend-on-Sea

BIG thanks to Labour councillor BEVERLEY MOMENABADI. She has worked tirelessly in the pandemic to help people across Wolverhampton. She has volunteered at Covid-19 test centres and at food banks. She has also campaigned successfully to get families internet so kids can take part in some online school lessons. Chris Burden, Wolverhampton

A HUGE thank you to maintenance workers JOHN and WILLIAM at our ROSEPARK AND CROFTBANK CARE HOMES in Uddingston, Glasgow. Their role often goes under the radar, yet it’s one that’s so important. Both John and William have created and installed visiting pods within our care homes, to help make outdoor visiting more comfortable for residents and their loved ones. This has been of huge benefit to the quality of visits and the time that people can spend together. Robert Kilgour, chairman, Renaissance Care, Glasgow

I WANT to pay tribute to my husband PAUL ANDERSON who has been working around the clock as a paramedic. You are my hero. Mary Anderson, Salford, Gtr Manchester

PA:Press Association

Martin Houghton-Brown wants to thank the army of 30,500 St John Ambulance vaccine volunteers[/caption]

THANKS to my wonderful mother MIRANDA MASON. Not only is she my fieldcare supervisor at the care company that we work for, Quay Care, she is also an amazing mother, as well as nan to my children. When she isn’t working, she cares for my children so I can work. She does an amazing job and is my inspiration. Leanne Gibson, Poole, Dorset

I WOULD like to nominate CHARLOTTE SHARRARD at VETS4PETS in Southend. Charlotte and the rest of the team work tirelessly to look after our beloved animals who have become our saving graces during lockdown. She is absolutely the kindest and most supportive person and will always go above and beyond for anyone. She was there when one of my cats had to be put to sleep during lock-down – and also had to tell me that my other cat was terminally ill, and did this with such kindness and sympathy that I didn’t feel alone. I would like her to know just how very much she is valued and respected. Nicky Vangalis Stobbs, Southend-on-Sea

A BIG thank you to the staff at the ORSETT HOSPITAL in Grays, Essex, who have worked so hard throughout the pandemic. Pauline Poynter, Brentwood, Essex

FOR SUZIE GUMM – you are the most wonderful nurse. You are so kind and caring, working on the front line during this pandemic –  hours of sweat, tears and hard work. This is just to let you know how amazing you truly are. To you and all your colleagues at Harefield Hospital, much love. Simone Squires, Stoke Poges, Bucks

I’D like to nominate the thousands of HOSPITAL CLEANERS. These men and women are the unsung heroes of the pandemic. Well done to them all. Sidney Morgan, Leicester

I WOULD like to nominate LAURA MURPHY, CEO of a brilliant charity called Wayfinder Woman. Laura has helped so many women who are feeling anxious and uncertain about them-selves or their future. Nicola Allen, Eastbourne

MY hero is ALISON FISHER. She has been working as a teacher supporting the children of key workers through lockdown. All the kids love her and she has been a godsend helping parents cope with home-schooling. Sandra McDonald, Wednesbury, West Mids

A huge thank you to Mark Jones, who has juggled working as a hospital porter with also being such an amazing and patient dad and husband. Love you loads.

Amy Jones

I WOULD like to say thank you to our National Health Service workers – all heroes who have been working tirelessly since the outbreak of the pandemic. Here at the UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS BIRMINGHAM CHARITY we set up an appeal to support our 22,000 NHS members of staff in their time of need, and as they face this latest wave of the pandemic we are doing all we can to help them. I would also like to say thanks to our communities here in Birmingham and the West Midlands who have shown their support for the NHS throughout the pandemic, helping us to provide food and drink, toiletries, wellbeing support and much more to our staff. As we face the difficult weeks and months ahead, I know the nation will once again rally to support our NHS and key-worker heroes across the country.” Mike Hammond, chief executive, University Hospitals Birmingham Charity

A SHOUT-OUT to the REHOBOTH COMMUNITY OUTREACH CLUB in Sydenham. Each week the charity provides hot meals and food parcels to more than 380 people, including over-60s, families who are struggling, and vulnerable and homeless people. With a team of more than 25 volunteers and trustees, and the help of our sponsors, we will continue to tackle the ongoing issue of food poverty in our local community. Paula Walker-Litchmore, Sydenham, South East London

I WANT to give thanks to my amazing mum LYDNALL NAGEL who has been going to work every day during the pandemic, as she’s an essential worker. She hasn’t complained and has just been extra-safe and worked hard to provide for us at home. I don’t think I thank her enough for how hard she works for us. Love you, mum! Alex Nagel, Arnos Grove, North London

WE would like to nominate everyone at DAIRY FRESH and thank them so very very much for supplying us NHS staff at London’s St Bart’s Hospital with free milk and bread during the pandemic. Hayley Vickers, Smithfield, Central London

I WANT to say a massive thank you to every one of the volunteers and staff across NEIGHBOURLY’s network of 15,000 good causes around the UK. They have shown such extraordinary resilience, dedication and innovation to get essential support to people in their communities who need it most – and they continue to work tirelessly to make a vital difference for people of all ages. Steve Butterworth, CEO, Neighbourly

TO my wonderful 81-year-old gran MAVIS TIL, of Prestatyn in North Wales. You’ve always been a superhero to us – and there are so many people who just wouldn’t have got through this pandemic without your help. Despite living alone, for the last few months you’ve been cooking six roast dinners a week – for our isolating family and for your neighbours who’ve lost loved ones to the virus or been impacted in other ways. Receiving your letters has always been the highlight of my week, but they mean so much more now that we’re living alone and are so far away. Your kindness never goes unnoticed and I love you so very much. Katie Roberts, Clapham, South London

THIS is for my friend CHRIS HOOPER from Newbridge in Caerphilly, for always making sure that I never feel alone. From texting me every day to check I’m OK, to dropping by with little gifts and care packages. I’m forever grateful for your kindness. Charly Andrews, Bristol

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