The top 10 most haunted spots over the UK this Halloween from a toilet to a bus stop

THERE was a time when the scariest ghost sightings were always in churchyards, Gothic mansions or cobwebbed cellars.

But today it seems phantoms are no fans of traditional old haunts, preferring more modern places. Recently paranormal hunters have been called out to a sex shop, public toilet, bus stop, library, shed and nuclear bunker among other seemingly not-so-spooky places.


The beautiful city of Chester is plagued by the ghost of a dead man dripping blood all over the floor

The men’s loo in Frodsham Street, Chester, has a spectre that haunts the cubicles and drips blood on the floor, which must annoy the cleaners. Legend says it is the ghost of a man who killed himself nearby.


Jamie Taylor’s garden shed doubles as a mini-chapel that even comes with its own ghost!

Jamie Taylor, of Brinklow, Warwickshire, has reported ghostly goings on in his garden shed, which looks like a chapel. He said: “I think whatever’s in there is quite harmless. It seemed quite friendly.”

Bus stop

One bus driver was left spooked after he saw an unusual figure that suddenly disappeared

A bus driver reported seeing a strange figure waiting for the bus outside Dilke Hospital, near Cinderford, Gloucs. As soon as the driver stopped to let him board the bus, he disappeared into thin air.



The ghost of Harold Norman is thought to watch over other performances from the theatre’s circle area[/caption]

In 1947 at the Oldham Coliseum, Greater Manchester, actor Harold Norman was accidentally stabbed to death on stage during a fight scene in Macbeth. His ghost is said to haunt the auditorium’s circle.



Books at Dartford Library are said to be regularly thrown from the shelves by a resident ghost[/caption]

Staff at Dartford Library in Kent have reported feeling a force behind them, a ghostly lavender smell and hearing a spirit dubbed the Lavender Lady walking on the wood floor, even after it was carpeted.

Nuclear bunker


The brave can venture here to investigate the bunker’s paranormal activity[/caption]

Tourists can spend the night in Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker in Cheshire, where ghostly figures in military uniforms are said to appear, with reports of one walking straight through visitors.



Many performers at Cromer Pier theatre have reported seeing the spirit of a man on the stage next to them[/caption]

The ghost of a theatre manager is said to haunt the stage at Cromer Pier theatre in Norfolk. There are tales that bottles and glasses spontaneously smash in the bar and odd figures in old clothes are seen.


Keighley Bus Museum isn’t thought to be haunted by just one ghost as the museum supposedly has a grim history

Keighley Bus Museum in West Yorks is on the site of a foundry where a man is said to have died in a vat of molten metal. On the museum’s spiral staircase, people have heard growls and felt a ghostly shove.


Some believe that the animal ghosts are the spirits of wolves that once roamed the area

In the 1960s a trucker claimed a snarling creature tried to leap into his cab on the B1249 near Staxton Hill in East Yorks. Two years ago a female driver reported a huge dog with a human face nearby.

Sex shop


The sex shop is haunted by a playful ghost that likes to create chaos for the staff[/caption]

The spirit of a prostitute has been blamed for moving stock and stealing bras overnight at the Pillow Talk sex shop in Margate, Kent. The ghost is thought to have worked in a brothel that was once on the site.


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