The Voice fans slam Justin Bieber for ‘looking like Miley Cyrus & grabbing crotch too much’ during finale performance

THE Voice fans slammed Justin Bieber for “grabbing his crotch” and “looking like Miley Cyrus” during tonight’s finale performance.

The 27-year-old pop star was accused of “copying” Miley’s famous pigtail bun hairstyle when she sang Blurred Lines and twerked against Robin Thicke at the 2013 MTV VMA’s. 


Justin Bieber repeatedly grabbed his crotch while performing on The Voice finale[/caption]


The singer tied up his dreadlocks into little pigtail buns[/caption]


Many fans bashed Bieber for ‘copying’ the hairstyle of Miley Cyrus from 2013[/caption]

Justin sang two new singles off his new album, Justice, including his smash hit Peaches. 

Though tonight’s finale was live, it was apparent the Canadian’s performance was pre-taped as he still had his controversial dreadlocks on top of his head. 

Over the weekend, Justin showed off his newly-shaved head. 

Fans were disappointed that he did not appear to sing live and were even more furious as he repeatedly grabbed his crotch. 

During his time on stage, Justin is seen clutching to his privates several times – holding onto his male parts as he walked towards the camera. 


Throughout singing his new singles, Justin consistently grabbed his private area[/caption]


Fans slammed Justin for the ‘uncalled for’ moment[/caption]


One fan said they ‘mistook Justin for Miley Cyrus[/caption]

The “uncalled for” move turned many fans off who expressed their outrage on Twitter. 

“Justin Bieber grabbing his crotch throughout his performance was so uncalled for when so many young ones are watching the show……..smh,” one critic wrote. 

Another viewer said: “Justin Bieber looked Crazy! His hair was the fool.. and so was grabbing his little baby d**k!”

More brought up his hair, with another who quipped: “Oh, it’s Justin Bieber. I thought it was Miley.”

“Why does Justin Bieber look like that….. that hair?!” many questioned. 


Miley, 28, wore a similar hairstyle when she went viral nearly a decade ago in her shocking VMA performance.

The Hannah Montana alum wore nude underwear with a foam finger as she stuck her tongue out while grinding on Robin’s crotch – who is 16 years her senior.

Justin has been wearing his hair longer and in recent months, debuted his dreadlocks.

However, it appeared tonight’s performance was pre-recorded as on Sunday, he showed off his new buzzcut while posing for a selfie with wife Hailey Baldwin.

His new hair was closely shaved to his scalp in the photo taken while the couple were having lunch.


Justin was slammed for the hair style, as some claimed it was ‘cultural appropriation’[/caption]


Miley rocked a similar hairstyle in 2013 when she infamously performed at the VMAs[/caption]


The pop star performed Blurred Lines in nude underwear with a foam finger[/caption]

Brushing over the backlash he has faced in recent weeks, the Canadian singer simply captioned the shot: “Happy Sunday.”

He gave fans a closer look at his edgy new look in a black-and-white selfie he shared to his Instagram Stories.

Justin sparked a backlash last month when he debuted his dreadlocks on Instagram, with critics urging him to “educate himself” on black culture.

One wrote: “It’s really disappointing to see you with dreads, I thought you educated yourself.”


Over the weekend, the singer revealed he had shaved off his dreadlocks[/caption]

Another added: “Justin baby… what in the world. No sir.”

A following person wrote: “Didn’t you say you were educating yourself about black culture so what is this foolery.”

Justin was also accused of appropriating black culture in 2016 when he had cornrows.


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