The Wanted’s Tom Parker has MRI scan as he continues to fight aggressive brain tumour

THE Wanted’s Tom Parker had another MRI scan today as he continues to fight his aggressive brain tumour. 

The 32-year-old, who was diagnosed with “inoperable” glioblastoma last year, gave fans a health update after it was revealed he was responding well to treatment.

Tom Parker had another MRI scan today

At the start of the year the singer told fans that his brain tumour was shrinking after rounds of chemotherapy.

He shared at the time:  “SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION 💫🙏🏻 These are the words I received today and I can’t stop saying them over and over again.

“I had an MRI scan on Tuesday and my results today were a significant reduction to the tumour and I am responding well to treatment. Everyday I’m keeping on the fight to shrink this b*****d!”

He's responded surprisingly well to chemo and radio therapy
Tom has been responding well to treatment so far and his tumour has shrunk

His bandmate Max George later told their followers that doctors are “shocked” at how well he has been responding to treatment.

He said: “Tom’s got something called glioblastoma, which is quite an aggressive form of brain tumour, but he’s had his first bout of chemo and radio therapy, which he has responded to unbelievably.

“Doctors were actually shocked by how well he’s responded – all of his tumours have been suppressed, so he’s in the best hands.”

He added: “In himself, Tom… Nothing puts Tom down, nothing. When you talk to him it’s like everything’s normal, and he just wants that – he wants normality.

Tom with wife Kelsey and children Aurelia and Bodhi

“He’s just had his second child, so he’s got so much to focus on – he’s doing great, he’s doing really well.”

Tom and Kelsey welcomed their second child, son Bodhi, in October, with the pair also mum and dad to toddler Aurelia.

He bravely opened up about his cancer diagnosis last year, with wife Kelsey later admitting that she has asked doctors not to tell them how long he has to live.

He recently revealed the treatment for his cancer is causing him to suffer from devastating short-term memory loss.


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