Theatre chiefs mocked for warning audiences play features actors smoking

THEATRE bosses were mocked for warning audiences a hard-hitting play features actors smoking.

The production, called Blank, tackles violence, neglect, drug use and suicide.

The hard-hitting play tackles violence, neglect, drug use and suicide
Bosses behind new play Blank have been accused of pandering to the ‘woke’ snowflake generation

An online message from London’s Donmar Warehouse warns theatregoers: “This play contains smoking and strong language.”

The venue has been accused of pandering to the “woke” snowflake generation.

One critic wrote: “Shouldn’t a West End theatre company do us the courtesy of treating its audiences like grown-ups?”

Its website contains specific new “content advisory notes” for the play, which explores the impact of the criminal justice system on women and their families.

For a recent production of Europe, about war in the Balkans, its audiences were warned: “A man repeatedly places his hand on a woman’s leg, to her discomfort.”

Donmar executive producer Henny Finch previously dismissed criticism of its warnings.

She said: “It is just about being considerate to all audiences.”

A Donmar spokeswoman said: “It is standard practice in the theatre industry to notify audiences there is smoking on stage.”


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