There’s a must-have kebab rotisserie that could be yours for a bargain £60

THERE’S nothing wrong with the odd late night kebab after a few pints on a Friday or Saturday night.

But now there’s a chance to rustle up your own slab of doner meat without even having to leave the comfort of your own home.

There’s now a chance to rustle up a doner kebab from the comfort of your own home

Daniel James are flogging their own doner kebab gyro rotisserie on Ebay and it will set you back a bargain £59.95.

If that doesn’t take your fancy it will also cook a whole chicken, three plates of veg and fish.

All you have to do is spike the skewer through the meat, put the timer on, sit back and let it spin around the grill until it’s perfectly cooked.

Not only that, it drains away the fat as it cooks the food meaning it could be one of the healthier kebabs available.

A 21 litre capacity will ensure no one gets left hungry and a safety feature means the grill will automatically turn off once the door is opened.

After the offer was launched on Facebook, home owners are desperate to add the gadget to their kitchens.

One said: “I need this in my life.”

Another added: “I feel like this is an essential piece of equipment.”

The bargain kitchen gadget costs just under £60
It can also cook a whole chicken, fish and vegetables
The must-have gadget is a healthier alternative to a chip shop kebab


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