Theres a new twerking queen and she saves the best for last (Video)

A few years ago I was fortun  ate enough to land an absolute 10 for some horizontal hokey pokey. During the deed we switched into the position of the animal kingdom. It started out well and I was trying to keep my mind on few difficult math problems just so I could remain a contender for longer than the lifespan of a bottle rocket. She started doing this weird twerking and I had to hold on for dear life. Rhythm couldn’t be established. Sync could not be, well…synced. It almost ruined it for me and there were never follow up escapades scheduled even though she tried. I am devout fan of the posterior. Even “like groceries” some would say… but twerking doesn’t do it for me anymore. I enjoy watching the jiggly tush but it inevitably reminds me of that fateful evening and the stirrings subside.

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