Theresa May must be thinking about Brexit in March 2019 — not a 2022 election

THE Prime Minister should be thinking about March 2019, not a 2022 election.

Between attempting to get a deal that works for Britain and preparing for a No Deal if Brussels bureaucrats remain so inflexible, there is PLENTY of work to do over the coming months.

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Theresa May must prepare us for a clean break from the EU – so get on with that, Prime Minister[/caption]

Thinking about four years’ time is an unnecessary distraction.

For one thing she needs to insist that her civil servants — and some of her Cabinet colleagues — get with the programme. Many of them need to listen to Sir Christopher Meyer, a former Remainer who is now looking forward to a brighter future free of the EU’s iron grip.

It is crucial that everybody involved in these next vital months of negotiations is genuinely ambitious about what Britain can be as a truly independent country.

We have the fifth-largest economy in the world and we’re a “soft-power” titan.

Mrs Thatcher was Prime Minister from 1979-1990 and Mrs May hopes to match this length of time in office
Mrs Thatcher was Prime Minister from 1979-1990 and Mrs May hopes to match her 11 years in office

There might be people in Brussels who think we are doomed to failure once we leave — but there shouldn’t be any ­sitting on our side of the table.

If the Government prepares us properly for a clean break over the coming months, we’ve no reason to be scared for the future. It will strengthen our hand in negotiations, too.

So get on with THAT, Prime Minister.

Red alert for MoD

THE Russian bear is roaring, and we don’t seem ready to defend ourselves.

Today a respected intelligence expert suggests our border control could have been hacked by Russian spies in the run-up to the Salisbury attack.

Alexander and Ruslan are pictured here on CCTV and have been identified as Russian hitmen who used ,military-grade Novichok in Salisbury
Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov – captured on CCTV – were identified as ‘Novichok hitmen’

The Prime Minister has been admirably tough with the Kremlin, even if Jeremy Corbyn and other useful idiots have attempted to undermine her and our ­national security at every turn.

But there is no room for complacency. There are serious concerns that our defence budget isn’t sufficient — and that the Treasury is worried the MoD wouldn’t know what to do with any additional cash.

We are in a digital war and we cannot afford to lose it.

Fee lions do us proud

THE feelgood factor from England’s World Cup campaign keeps on going.

As if uniting the country for those few weeks wasn’t enough­, the players have donated their match fees to charity.

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England captain Harry Kane and his Lions continue to make the country proud[/caption]

It’s true to say they won’t miss the cash but it’s a gesture that sums up this new England team.

Well played, lads.


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