Theresa May must redraw her Brexit plan and extract more concessions for the UK

THERESA MAY says her woeful Brussels deal will deliver for the British people.

But she shows no signs of understanding why our readers are so angry at her concessions.

The Prime Minster’s resilience and commitment to the job are not in question
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Whatever the merits of her draft plan, the Prime Minister has to acknowledge that this is not what many voters wanted when they opted for Brexit.

Her resilience and commitment to the job are not in question.

Indeed the contrast between her sense of duty and the incoherent warblings of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party could not be clearer.

But the Prime Minister must give Brexiteers in the Cabinet the chance to shape the political declaration outlining our future relations with the European Union.

Theresa May must acknowledge that her Brexit deal is not what many voters wanted when they opted for Brexit
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She needs to redraw the plan and extract more concessions to get a genuine two-way relationship. Only then can she attempt to get the House of Commons to back her deal.

Because at the moment that’s about as likely as Jean-Claude Juncker turning down a Christmas drink.

Don’t suffer like Mel

MEL B’s heart-wrenching retelling of her abusive relationship is hard to read.

Mel B has displayed incredible braveness in speaking out about her abusive relationship
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It is never easy to speak out, and she should be applauded for doing so.

But there are plenty of women who don’t have the profile of a Spice Girl or aren’t aware that the control their partners hold over them is as vicious as any physical violence.

The Government was right to change the law to create a new offence of “coercive control”.

And with two people dying by their partner’s hand every week, we must redouble our efforts to protect those in unhealthy relationships.

Will shows the way

OUR Royal snapper Arthur Edwards’ wonderful pictures of Prince Charles show a future King who has never been scared to do his own thing.

His son Prince William is clearly built in a similar mould.

His comments this week on the dangers presented by social media weren’t just spot on in their tone, but were the words of a young father who, like countless others, fears for our kids.

When the time comes, Wills is clearly going to make a passionate, committed Prince of Wales.


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