Theresa May rushes out plans for a Milkshake Tax in final days as PM despite Boris’s vow to axe it

THERESA May rushed out proposals for a hated Milkshake Tax on Monday night – despite Boris Johnson’s pledge to bin it.

On the eve of the Tory leadership result the Cabinet Office formally published a new ‘Green Paper’ on tackling illness and preventing disease.

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Theresa May rushed out proposals for a Milkshake Tax on the eve of the Tory leadership results[/caption]

And buried in the consultation document were proposals to extend the Sugar Tax onto sugary milk drinks – first revealed last month by The Sun when they were circulated around Cabinet as a draft plan.

At the time Boris said he believed a ‘fat tax’ on milkshakes would “clobber those who can least afford it”.

He added: “I am very, very reluctant to impose new taxes disproportionately on those on low incomes.”

Stunned Government insiders on Monday night said Downing Street had been desperate to push the consultation document out of the door.

This came despite officials telling government departments NOT to publish policy this week in case it “binds the hands” of the incoming administration.

The Green Paper also carries proposals to ban the sale of sugary drinks to children and an ambition to go “smoke free” by 2030 – which are both backed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

But it is understood he is bitterly opposed to the Milkshake Tax – feeling it goes too far.

Boris Johnson vowed to review the Sugar Tax and all proposed levies on food, fat, salt and sugar at the height of his leadership campaign.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver last year demanded Theresa May introduce a milkshake tax – telling MPs a Strawberry Yazoo contained nine teaspoons of sugar. He called for prices to go up 12p for every half-litre bottle – a near 10 per cent rise.

The ‘Sugar Tax’ came into force in April last year – pushing up prices of best-selling drinks such as Coca-Cola and Lucozade by as much as 24p per litre.

Consultation on the new proposals will run all summer – closing on October 14.

Next PM-favourite Boris Johnson has vowed to axe 'sin' taxes on treats
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Next PM-favourite Boris Johnson has vowed to axe ‘sin taxes’ on treats[/caption]


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