These hilarious dad fashion fails show they shouldn’t be allowed to dress themselves

SOME dads are so far from being fashionistas, they could be on another planet.

Bursting at the seams – or refusing to wear a stitch – they avoid high street trends like they’re the plague, and in the case of these hapless dads pictured below, we’d be best not to follow suit.

Corgi Couture?

This is pawful!

Not-so-hot pants

The long and short of it is, dads in denim should NEVER reveal this much

All fired up

Any time of the year is the perfect time to fire up the bbq – even when it’s snowing

Looks painful

Someone’s going to end up with a high voice if they’re not careful

Animal instincts…

This dad’s attire is furry bad

You’re so vain

Putting a pic of yourself on your suitcase is a step too far

Blends in

Tartan-ic sized fashion disaster here


A chilled-out dad lets it all hang out in the snow

Flying eek-onomy

Teaming pink Minnie Mouse tights with an extra-tight blue top is rarely a wise choice

 Law of averages

Not the best dad in the world, but he’s alright with it


At least his top is nice and breezy

What a joke…

Combining shorts with long socks and shoes – this is classic dad style, but at least he can laugh about it

Chest rug

This hirsute dad flaunts a Seventies vibe


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