These hilarious seduction fails prove not everyone can pull off a sexy snap

THESE Hilarious seduction fails prove not everyone can pull off sexy snaps.

Whether it’s compromising backgrounds, unwelcome visitors, or simply outfits that don’t hit the right tone, everyone in this collection has made a shocking mistake.

Things are getting saucy here!

He’s ready with the chocolate sauce[/caption]

Always check your background

This is when the crop tool comes in handy![/caption]

He would have posed elsewhere, but he was two tired

He thought he would scoot for the moon with this saucy snap[/caption]

He didn’t nail it

If you want to appear more manly – pose with a power tool[/caption]

Dangerous woman

Not sure if everyone can handle this[/caption]

Elvis lives!

And he has a pet cockerel…[/caption]

Nurse Ratched, anyone?

I think I need something for my eyes after seeing this nurse[/caption]

Mind the drop

If you don’t end up falling for her, at least she’s already fallen[/caption]

They’re definitely a pair of cold fish

Fish breath is never a good thing[/caption]


Like a fish out of water[/caption]

Only tense below the neck

This would leave anyone red faced[/caption]

I bet he’s a cheater

The cat is not impressed with the use of his ancestor’s pelt[/caption]

Everything’s on the table with this one

The wallpaper really makes it[/caption]

She looks grape…

Grapes of wrath[/caption]

Injured duck face?

Nothing beats a good pout[/caption]

The apple of his eye

Now I know where the rude fruit emoji idea came from[/caption]

Hello Kitty

Pink was a masculine colour in the past[/caption]

Bert – when the cameras go off

He had me at yellow[/caption]

Sexy, and keeping up with current affairs

She’s obviously bananas over someone[/caption]

He lived appley ever after

Not a great advert for Speedo though[/caption]

Grandma’s tired of her posing

There’s a rug on that wall…[/caption]

We don’t know why so many of these men chose to pose with cats?

The kitten looks like it’s trying to get away[/caption]

I guess she couldn’t find a vase

Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s a bouquet in my toilet, and i need a…[/caption]

The kid ruins the mood

Never have you kid on your Tinder profile, or your saucy snaps[/caption]

She was on a roll

Until she took this picture…[/caption]

She’s one in a melon

She obviously doesn’t mind the pips[/caption]

Just don’t take the picture in your parents’ bedroom[/caption]

A whole new meaning to the phrase “catfished”

But she’s one hell of a catch[/caption]

Can a man not get a moment’s peace?

Minnie Mouse would never approve of this[/caption]

We’ve PV-seen enough

Good flexibility though…[/caption]

Do we believe him?

People live when people give…[/caption]

It’s just a bit trash-y

It’s liter-ally an awful place for a sexy snap[/caption]

Barely Cage-d

He’s a national treasure alright[/caption]

That’s going to stain

Definitely going to stain…[/caption]

It’s not about what you show, it’s about what you conceal

We admire the effort[/caption]

I think she’s making a political statement about the state of the roads

This woman’s found herself in a hole[/caption]

She’s ready to slay

Not what the Samurai had in mind[/caption]





Things are about to pop off

I bet this guy’s great at guitar hero[/caption]

Until you’re hit by the cold water

Just remember to flush before you snap[/caption]

He’ll drive you bananas

This guy is ripe for the picking[/caption]

We’ve heard of a honey trap

But fly traps just aren’t sexy[/caption]




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