These people have totally failed in the trouser department – from ultimate wedgies to waistbands in the armpits

A GOOD pair of trousers, skinny jeans and some summery shorts are the foundation of any good wardrobe.

But while we can all agree that fashion is pretty subjective business, there’s no denying that these horrifying trouser fails – including the worst distressed denim we’ve ever seen – are a total crime against style.

This has got to be the most painful wedgie of all time[/caption]

From the bloke who tried to get away with stacking THREE pairs of jeans on top of each other to the girl who thought trousers with an enormous hole in the front was an acceptable outfit choice, we don’t know whether to admire their bravery or pray that someone in their life stages a style intervention.

What’s more, this horrifying (yet hilarious) gallery also features the bizarre trend of wearing trousers up over your shoulders… something we don’t see catching on any time soon.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Seriously distressed denim

There’s ripped skinny jeans and then there’s THIS[/caption]

Popping out

Why bother wearing jeans at all?[/caption]

Supermarket sweep

No denying that this is a BOLD supermarket look[/caption]

Thong for thought

Someone needs to tell this bloke that thongs are normally worn UNDER jeans[/caption]

Thrice as nice

Surely this bloke knew this was going to backfire on him?[/caption]

Tracksuit heaven

We’d don’t know whether to give this guy a medal or never let him wear trackies again[/caption]

Buckle up

We all love the high-waisted look but this is something else[/caption]

For even more cringey clothing disasters, check out this “turd” T-shirt and some very dodgy “period” leggings.

Plus this mum was left baffled by a “dental floss” Boohoot swimsuit that features a “front thong”.

And PrettyLittleThing are selling extreme ripped shorts which expose your whole bum.


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