Things look bright for the next big electronic dance act Hazers

JORDAN Riley and Adam Argyle are the new home-grown UK pop production duo Hazers, already having worked alongside pop royalty in the form of Anne-Marie, Liam Payne, James Bay, John Newman, Becky Hill, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Sigrid, Zara Larsson and many more. 


With such impressive credentials backing them up they combine as Hazers to bring us their brand new, original work with new release ‘What We Do’ featuring YouTube and Instagram sensation Alex Aionio. While it’s still early days for the duo producing together as Hazers, they are off to a flying start. Adam says:

‘At the moment we’re only on around 30 million streams… still you’ve got to go through that on your way to the first billion.’

Hazers is a natural progression for Jordan and Adam as song writers. They began the year remixing the likes of Dua Lipa and Sigrid which has provided the perfect launch pad for success as a duo. Adam says:

‘I co-wrote a tune on Dua Lipa’s album and we share the same record label so those things helped. Well at least the label thing anyway!’

Jordan adds:

‘We really enjoyed re-mixing Sigrid’s “High Five”. The central sound on it was actually a little guitar part we recorded on my phone then I worked up a lot of the track on a flight to LA when we went out there to work on new Hazers’ tunes.’

Working alongside some of the biggest current crop of pop stars will only fuel their fire further as they head into 2019 but it’s not something that they are fazed by and looks to pay dividends for Hazers as they continue to release original material next year. Adam continues:

‘We’re still working as writers and producers for other acts so we get to mix it up a little. Being in Hazers allows us to realise our ideas unfiltered by anyone else. Sometimes you get really excited about a new lyric or hook and the artist you’re working with goes …”Uh….I don’t really think that’s me…” and you cry and die a little inside ‘cos you know it would have been sooooooo great!’

With the same management as UK pop sensation Jonas Blue, Hazers are set to follow in his footsteps with Jordan already co-writing and co-producing the track ‘Drink To You’ on Jonas’ album As well as being good friends with the ‘Fast Car’ producer a dream collaboration would at some point happen. They told us:

‘We’re waiting for the invite to hang out at some of his mega DJ gigs ‘cos Jordan and I are all about iconic Ibiza super clubs these days. Then we can go on and write a mega hit with him.’

With electronic dance music continuing to influence and sprinkle it’s magic over pop music  Hazers are definitely ones to watch for 2019.

Read Hazers first ever interview in full here.


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