Third of millennials have never changed a lightbulb as they are too lazy, study finds

A THIRD of millennials have never changed a lightbulb – as they are too lazy.

Replacing a fuse is also foreign to the Generation Z brigade, a study has found, and 50 per cent have never changed a wheel on a car.

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A study found a third of millennials are too lazy to change a lightbulb[/caption]

More than one in two say they are too busy for such routine tasks — or just can’t be bothered.

They also bin perfectly good electrical goods rather than clean them, change a part or get them fixed.

More than one in ten have dumped a hairdryer they know is probably salvageable — and similar have cast out kettles and fans.

The catalogue of sloth emerged from a survey of 21,000 adults aged 18 to 37 for a curtain and blind firm.

DIY expert Lucy Askew said: “Millennials are throwing away good and usable items.

“They waste money that could be saved for a rainy day or something worthwhile.”

Meanwhile, the to-do list goes on and on.


Twenty-six per cent have never picked up a paintbrush to decorate a room. Eleven per cent have not mowed a lawn.

As for cooking, forget it.

Many live on microwave meals, eating out or going round to Mum and Dad’s for a blowout.

Nearly one in five have never knocked up a Sunday roast.

But for all their DIY and cooking shame, many point out they are better than oldies when it comes to phones and the internet.

Two millennials fight their generation’s corner . . .

‘I’m bad at DIY but tech savvy’

Poppy Thompson is appalled by how baby-boomers struggle with tech

STUDENT nurse Poppy Thompson has never done any decorating or mowed a lawn – but is appalled by how baby-boomers struggle with tech.

Poppy, 25, at the University of the West of England, Bristol, says: “If people ask directions, I think, ‘Why not use your phone?’

“I also use my phone for banking and am cash free, so I never lose money, get caught without it or hold up anyone in the queue.”

‘I help my parents to shop online’

Claire Dawson helps her parents with online shopping and the Internet

ADMIN worker Claire Dawson admits her parents will help her with repairs and DIY – but she steps in over phones and the internet.

Claire, 25, of Gloucester, says: “When I visit them I take stuff to be repaired and ask how to do stuff around the house.

“When they visit me they ask how to do this or that on a phone or online, or how to find deals online.

“But sorting out the satellite dish and TV, that’s Dad’s job.”


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