This is why the Queen has such a close relationship with Meghan Markle

SINCE joining the Royal Family earlier this year, we can’t enough of how close Meghan Markle has become with the Queen.

From their meaningful birthday gifts to their shared public appearances, it’s safe to say the two Royal women have developed a very special relationship in the past few months.

The Queen and Meghan Markle were pictured laughing and joking together at their first public appearance together in Cheshire
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However, it now appears that there’s an important reason the Queen has taken her new granddaughter-in-law under her wing.

According to a source close to the Palace, the Queen sees Meghan as a “positive” addition to the Royal Family as she plans to “modernise” the monarchy.

Previous member of Buckingham Palace staff Coleen Harris told People magazine “the Queen is allowing the Royal Family to modernise” because they no longer want to be seen as “stuffy and immovable.”

Former Suits actress and human rights activist Meghan therefore plays an integral part of the Palace’s “rebrand” as the Queen wants her family to appear more “open” to change.

Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have helped to ‘modernise’ the Royal Family in recent years
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Reflecting on when Prince William got engaged to long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton in 2010, Coleen described how the Palace was “quite shocked” at the time.

After all, the Queen is believed to have seen Kate as “an ordinary middle-class girl with no background in royalty or aristocracy.”

In other words, the fact that the Queen gave the marriage her blessing was a huge step forward for the monarchy.

However, Coleen (who formerly worked for Prince Charles’ press team) says that Meghan marrying into the family has taken this another “step further.”

The Queen sees Meghan as the key to the Royal Family’s ‘rebrand’
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Katie Nicholl, author of Harry: Life, Loss and Love, added: “When you look at Meghan on paper she is not necessarily what you might expect of a conventional royal fiancee and that she’s American, she’s a well-known face.”

However, the fact that Queen Elizabeth has welcomed Meghan and been “really very supportive” of the marriage proves that the Royal Family “have come real long way” in the past few years.

And if their most recent public appearances are anything to go by, Meghan may just prove to be the key to the monarchy’s modern rebrand.

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