This season’s must-have fashion item has been revealed as a £20 TRACKSUIT – but would you wear one out?

THE most fashionable outfits can sometimes be tight, uncomfortable and expensive.

But this season’s must-have outfit is far from it.

Abbie Blyth rocks the khaki version of the tracksuit

Enter the humble tracksuit, which has soared in popularity in recent months with a number of Instagrammers and influencers rocking the cosy look.

The Miss Pap loungesuit is everywhere online, and is so popular it has become the website’s best-selling item.

The outfit comes in two styles, the Gina which has a v-neckline and the Sara which has a curved neckline.

There’s also a range of colours from, including khaki, camel, cream, grey, red, camo, wine and black.

Rachel Ward works the grey gina loungewear set

The ridiculously popular outfits have just been reduced to £20 from £25, so you’d better be quick if you want to snap them up.

CEO of Misspap, John Quinn, said: “The Sara and Gina have always been our top selling line, it is a key line that everyone recognizes and loves and the fact it has multiple colors and styles means everyone has a style that they love.

Tara Maynard adds a twist to her top by tying it up
why not add some sports socks like Emily Shakgough for ultimate comfort

“It is just great to find a product that is so versatile, it can be worn casually in the day and dressed up for an evening, and more than anything it is comfortable.

“It really is no surprise that is has received the press and attention that is had.”

Now you really can go seamlessly from day to night in these outfits, and even straight into bed too.

The tracksuits are on sale at £20
  • Sara black short sleeve boxy loungewear set, Miss Pap, £20 – Buy now
  • Sara camel short sleeve boxy loungewear set, Miss Pap, £20 – Buy now
  • Sara khaki short sleeve boxy loungewear set, Miss Pap, £20 – Buy now
  • Gina grey v neck loungewear set, Miss Pap, £20 – Buy now

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