This super simple beauty hack will stop your foundation from going orange… and we don’t know why never thought of this before

LET’S face it, we’ve all fallen victim to an orange foundation.

Because no matter how long we’ve spent perfecting our face, our base doesn’t always want to behave itself… but we’ve discovered the one simple trick to keeping your skin on tip-top shape all day long.

The oils within your foundation separate over time and make it more likely to oxidise on your skin
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In fact, it’s so simple you’re probably going to kick yourself for not doing it before.

Or on the other hand, you may have already known this… in which case, you’re a beauty whizz kid.

Drum roll please.

It turns out, simply giving your foundation a good old shake before application works wonders for the formula. Mic drop.

Be sure to shake the bottle next time you apply
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When a foundation bottle is left gathering desk on your dressing table, the oils within the formula separate which then affect how pigments settle on your skin.

So giving it a good old shake basically gets air back into the foundation which stops it from oxidising while also keeping your skin looking fresh.

According to this beauty guru of a Reddit user, “shaking the hell out” of your bottle makes a “huge difference” in both wear and colour match.

In other words, imagine you’re making a cocktail the next time you’re doing your make-up routine. Your skin will thank you.

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